Things that get done…

That presentation gets done.

That term paper gets done.

That design gets done.

That project gets done.

It’s astonishing what we’re able to get done when we’re told to what to get done.

When we have to get it done.

But on the other it’s so hard to get anything done when we’re not told to what to get done.

When we don’t have to get it done.

Like that book.

Or that website.

Or that blog.

Or that blog post.

Traveling more.

Or learning that instrument.

So why do we get all of these things done that we’re told to but at the same time we have such a hard time getting all the other stuff done?

The other stuff meaning the things that will help us grow.

The things that can change our lives.

The things we might even really enjoy doing.

And the answer is pretty simple…

It’s fear.

We get all of this stuff done because of fear.

Fear of losing our jobs.

Fear of not getting that degree.

Fear of not getting paid.

So if fear is the driver to get things done why not use it in our favor?

Why not use it to get all the other stuff done that we don’t have to get done?

So here’s the biggest fear we all have…

It’s so big we try to ignore it as much as we can.

And when I say “we” what I really mean is me.

The biggest fear of almost all of us is that one day we’ll all be gone.

No matter what…

So why not use that as a driver?

To get all of the things done that we don’t have to get done.

To do all of these things that will help us grow.

That will help us to unleash our potential.

And you know what?

It’s the one thing that pushes me every single day.

And it pushes me hard.

Really hard.

So will it work for you?

I don’t know.

But it works for me.

Even though I still don’t know how to play the guitar…