This can not be done

A lot of people will tell you that it can not be done.

That you don’t have the right equipment.

That it’s too dangerous.

That you’re too weak.

That you don’t have enough experience.

That you’re a girl.

That you’re just not that type of person.

People will always find millions of reasons for you to not do things.

But the truth is that people are just talking to themselves.

They’re just telling you about all of their own excuses why they didn’t do it.

They’re telling you about all of the things that held them back, about all of the things that are still holding them back today.

They’re telling you that you need all of that fancy and expensive equipment because that’s what they got.

And they don’t want to look stupid for having bought all of that fancy and expensive stuff even though they didn’t really need it.

Because if you do it and succeed despite all of their warnings, despite your lack of experience, despite your lack of expensive equipment you’d prove them wrong.

And people just don’t like it when you prove them wrong.

When, for whatever reason you make them feel bad about themselves or their decisions.

We all want our decisions, our way of doing things and our own lifestyle to be the best out there.

But make no mistake.

I’m no different…

And if someone proves us wrong, if someone shows us that it can be done, despite all the adversity it puts us on the hook.

And that’s never a nice spot to be in.

The truth is that you only need one thing to succeed…

And that’s the willpower to succeed.

To never give up.

To persist.

No matter what.

And no fancy equipment in the world will help you with that.

No experience in the world will help you with that.

Here’s the thing…

If you’re constantly worried about the future, if you’re constantly worried about all of the terrible things that might maybe perhaps happen some time in the future, you’ll never do anything.

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