“This changes everything”

by Yann Girard

Whenever you meet someone in let’s say Germany, France, Hungary or wherever and this person tells you about what she’s going to do, you’ll almost automatically assume that she’s going to fail. People will smile and walk away as fast as they can.

I usually smile and walk away, as well. I find hundreds of reasons why it’ll not work out. I don’t know how it is in India. Or China. Or Nigeria. Or Chile. Or any other places in Asia, Africa or South America.

Whenever you meet someone in the US (or maybe just Silicon Valley or New York) and this person tells you about what she’s going to do, you’ll automatically assume that she’ll succeed. Or people will at least take the possibility into consideration that it might actually really work out. They won’t walk away as fast as they can.

Because if it works out you don’t want to be that person who said no to that big new thing. And this sort of pushes people to believe in each other again. In each others capabilities. In each others dreams.

And it doesn’t matter whether the real reason behind this re-ignited belief in each other is a financial reason. Or any other reason.

And this subtle difference changes pretty much EVERYTHING.

Believing in each other instead of belittling each other changes EVERYTHING.

It encourages people instead of discouraging them to take risks.

It encourages people to think big instead of thinking small.

It encourages people to break free instead of staying locked up in their cubicles.

It encourages people to look for support and feedback early on instead of hiding.

It encourages people to talk and share their dreams with others instead of protecting them.

It really changes pretty much everything. It changes the entire game.

No matter what the end result might be. No matter if this is a good or bad thing.

What really matters at the end of the day is that we start to believe in each other again. That we support each other. That we help each other.

So that one unimportant, broke and totally ordinary person can change the entire world. And all it needs is some support, help and the belief that it might work out.

And that’s the true beauty of believing in each other. No matter if we believe in each other, in each others dreams or missions for philanthropic or financial reasons.

And this small difference can really change everything..

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