What’s next?

by Yann Girard

At one point in our lives we stop asking ourselves one of the most important questions out there.

We stop asking ourselves „what’s next“?

It’s a really tough question. And there are no easy answers. And it usually involves change. And taking action. You know, all of these things we hate. A lot.

That’s why we tend to ignore it as long as we can. And it’s a lot easier to just coast along and not think about what could or should be next.

And that’s usually the moment when most people get stuck in life.

The moment when people stop asking themselves „what’s next“? When people stop building their lives accordingly.

You know how it is.

When everything is ok, when you’re able to put some money on the side every now and then, when you’re able to buy everything you want, it’s easy to get stuck. Its easy to ignore the „what’s next“ question.

And it’s always easier to skip it. To not really think about it. To just coast along. And to not take action.

We try to ignore it as long as we can.

Until there’s no more time left to ask ourselves „what’s next“. Until there’s no time left to act accordingly.

So when was the last time you asked yourself „what’s next“?

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