When it feels like shit…

Some days you might feel like some of your stuff is just not good enough.

You might feel that you can’t possibly share your work with the world.

Some days you might feel that you can’t possibly hit that publish button.

But some days that’s exactly what you have to do.

You’ve gotta hit that button. No matter what.

You’ve gotta hit that button especially hard when you feel like you can’t possibly share your work with the world.

That’s what distinguishes people who keep pushing from people who give up.

People who keep pushing, push even harder when they feel like that this is just not good enough.

That’s really the only difference.

They know that it’s their fears, their lizard brains and their doubts trying to hold them back.

But you can’t let your fears win. You can’t let the doubts kick back in.

You’ve gotta do your thing. No matter what.

If you let your fears or your doubts win once, they’ll come back again tomorrow.

And the day after tomorrow. They’ll come back over and over again.

Giving in just once will make you weak.

And your fears will keep crawling up your sleeves.

At night. During the day. All day. Every day.

Don’t ever break the chain.

Because a broken chain is just that.

A weak and broken chain.

When you skip it once, it’s very likely that you’re going to skip it again.

And you might skip it over and over again.

Until it’s all over.

Until you stop doing your thing entirely.

So you’ve gotta keep pushing.

You’ve gotta hit that publish button.

No matter what.

Just like I have to hit that publish button right now even though I don’t really feel like it…

Originally published at yanngirard.typepad.com.

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