When nothing seems to work out

by Yann Girard

When you don’t want to learn the rules,you’ll not only never know the rules but you’ll also never be able to change them.

Because to be able to change the rules, to be able to change the game you need to learn the rules first. To find the loopholes. To find out what’s possible and what’s not.

And this holds true for pretty much everything.

When you’re trying to disrupt an entire industry, you need to know and understand the industry first.

When you want to free an entire nation, you need to know and understand how far you can legally go first.

And even then you might still end up in prison and have to stay there for a couple of years.

Sure, you’re free to not learn the rules. You can skip that step if you want to.

But then don’t complain when you don’t get what you want.

When nothing seems to work out…


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