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Letter sent on Nov 19, 2016

Which of my books do you want to read on Medium? For free!

A few months ago I published my new book on Medium for everyone to read. And more than 10,000 people read it so far. It was so popular that it was even re-published in one of Medium’s biggest publications (you can read it here or here).

And because it was so successful and I got really great feedback from a lot of people telling me how it changed their thinking and their lives, I decided to publish another one of my books here on Medium. For free!

And I need your help. I want to know which one of the following three books you’d like to read next, here on Medium. Just let me know by responding to this message or by leaving a comment on Medium.

Here are the three books…

A) 40 Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

B) The Art of Being Remarkable: How to get Unstuck, Unf*cked and Unleash Your Potential

C) 121 Unusual Tips to Being A Better Writer

Just let me know which one you’d like to read here on Medium by responding to this message or by leaving a quick comment below and I’ll post the book with the most votes on Medium in the next couple of days…

P.S. In case you still have some Black Friday cash left and didn’t spend all of it yet, Udemy has a crazy Black Friday deal going on. Thousands of their courses are currently just $13. Prices go up every day. You can check out all of the courses that are currently on sale right here.