Why are people who write about millionaire habits not millionaires?

Every time I see these posts about analyzing successful people’s habits, about what makes millionaires millionaires I just can’t help but wonder why the authors of these posts aren’t millionaires themselves.

Or as successful as the people they write about.

After all, they introduce us to the habits we need.

The steps we need to take.

The map we need to follow.

So if they decoded other people’s successes how come they aren’t as successful themselves?

Why aren’t they millionaires?

After all, if all it takes to become successful, to become rich or what not are just a few habits, then everybody should be able to become rich, successful or what not, right?

But that’s just not the case.

It’s never the case.

Becoming successful, rich or what not is sloppy.

I guess.

But I don’t really know.

Because I’m not successful or a millionaire.

And looking back you can always find millions of reasons as to why someone was successful.

As to why they made it work.

At the end of the day it’s such a complex thing that can’t possibly be broken down into anything.

That why to me all of this stuff is pretty much useless.

It won’t help nobody.

Except maybe the author.

After all, no one who ever was successful wrote a book about how exactly they got successful.

About their habits.

Because they probably know that it’s been such a sloppy and messy process that it can’t possibly ever be replicated by anyone following any of their advice.

Probably also because it wouldn’t be such a sexy story.

It would probably be a very depressing story.

A story that would probably not get a lot of clicks.

A story that would probably sound like way too much work for most of us.

And too much uncertainty.

So we just keep reading this kind of stuff.

Why are people who write about millionaire habits not millionaires?

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