“Writer’s kill”

I don’t believe in writer’s block.

The only thing I believe in is fear.

The fear of creating and putting something out there that’s not good enough. Something that’s not perfect. Something people might not enjoy that much. Something that’s not as good as the art you created last time.

This is what I call “writer’s kill” or “artist’s kill”. And it’s a lot bigger than not having ideas. It’s at the core of every writer’s block. Or every artist’s block. It’s at the core of why most writers or any other creative person out there gives up.

Because there are days or sometimes even weeks or months where you’ll feel like your art is not good enough. That you can’t possibly put it out there.

And these are the times where most people give up. This is what separates the people who give up from the ones who never give up.

People who never give up keep creating their art, especially when they feel like it’s not good enough. They put it out there nonetheless.

It’s a daily struggle. A struggle that will ultimately decide about whether or not you’ll still be around tomorrow…

Originally published at yanngirard.typepad.com.