You don’t need

by Yann Girard

You don’t need a fancy phone to get started.

Or a million dollar funding.

Or advisers.

You don’t even need a blog to get started blogging.

You don’t need a thing to get started.

The only thing you need today to get started is to get started.

And this has never been easier than today.

You can launch startups for less than $100 (see here).

You can launch a YouTube channel for free.

You can record videos with your phone.

You can post your blog posts on Facebook.

And all of it for free.

There really are no excuses left anymore.

And time isn’t an excuse either.

The time you’ve spent reading this is proof that you have enough time.

So the only thing you really need is to get over your fear.

And the only way to get over your fear is to get going.

So get going..

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