You’re not..

by Yann Girard

When someone tells you you’re funny but doesn’t laugh at your jokes, well then you’re probably not funny.

When you constantly have to tell yourself that story that you’re happy, well then most of the times you really aren’t.

Or when you have to tell yourself that she’s ok, that she’s happy, well then most of the times she really isn’t.

Most of the things don’t need to be said. You just see them. Or feel them.

And you don’t need words to say express it. You either feel it or you don’t.

You’re either funny and people laugh at your jokes or you’re not funny and people don’t laugh at your jokes.

You’re either happy and you and the people around you feel it or you’re not.

Merely saying it when you really aren’t won’t make you happier.

Or funnier...

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