Your disadvantages are your advantages

We all might be disadvantaged in one way or the other.

We all have that one thing that sets us back.

Maybe even more than just one thing.

And some people’s disadvantages might be bigger than other people’s disadvantages.

But what your disadvantages really are, are advantages.

When you are absolutely and with 100% certainty aware of your disadvantages and don’t try to hide them, then that’s an advantage right there.

It’s like rocket fuel.

Because you know exactly where you’re standing.

You know you have a huge disadvantage.

Whatever your disadvantage is.

You know that you’ve gotta work harder than everybody else to succeed.

That you’ve gotta work smarter than most people out there.

You know what it takes.

You know that nothing in life is for free.

That people will look down on you.

And maybe even laugh at you.

You know that no one will take you serious.

But you know exactly where you stand.

And you won’t feel entitled to anything.

You know you’ve gotta fight really hard for it.

And you ain’t got nothing to lose.

You can only win.

And that’s what sets you apart.

That’s what sets you apart from the rest of the world.

Because the rest of the world feels entitled.

But not you.

You know your disadvantages.

You know you’ve gotta work harder than most people out there.

And whatever your disadvantage is, you always have two choices.

You can either complain about your disadvantages, look at all the advantages of everybody else out there and never take action or you can acknowledge your disadvantages, accept them as part of who you are, use them as your rocket fuel and get down to work.

It’s your choice.

It always is and always will be.

Now who the hell am I to be writing about this kind of stuff?

I’m no one.

And I ain’t got nothing to lose.

I can only win…

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