Your moment will come

But you’ve gotta be ready…

It doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing happens overnight. And when it does happen, you’ve gotta be ready.

You’ve gotta be ready when that big wave hits. You’ve gotta be prepared to ride that wave, your wave, for as long as you can.

Look. Maybe your wave will come. Maybe it won’t. No one really knows. But whenever it comes you should know how to catch that wave and ride it for as long as you can.

If that wave comes and you’re not ready, if you don’t know how to surf, then you might not be able to ride that wave. Maybe if you’re a natural you’d be able to ride it for a few seconds. But that’s already about it.

Alright. Enough waves for now. What does all of this even mean?

It means that you have to work on the foundation first. If people find out about you, you’ve gotta have a backlog of work already. So if that one big hit comes you’ll be able to leverage it for the rest of your life.

Just the other day someone asked me if it’s better to build an audience first and then release that killer article, book, product or whatever or to create that killer thing first and then build an audience on top of that.

And I think both ways won’t get you anywhere. No one really knows what’s going to be a killer product, article, book or whatever. All you can do is guess. And in 99.9% of the time that guess is wrong.

Whenever I thought that an article would take off, no one even noticed. And whenever I thought that this post is the worst thing I ever wrote it took off. One of the most popular articles I ever wrote was called 5 minutes. It took me 5 minutes to write it. And it got more than 1,500 recommends on Medium.

Look. No one is able to predict the future. Or the market. Or the customers. Or anything. It just doesn’t work.

All you can do is to put in the work, be patient, consistent, create opportunities for yourself and the people around you over and over again and get ready for your one big moment. That might or might not come.

You’ve gotta learn how to surf to be able to ride the big waves. Even the small ones…

So even if you might have a great idea for a product or what not, if you don’t know how to properly execute it, if you’ve never executed anything, then this big idea of yours will just remain that. A nice idea. That will never spread.

It’s the same thing for everything in life. You’ve gotta put in the work first so that you’ll be ready when that one big moment comes.

If you’ve never been on a date before, if you’ve never approached a man or a woman on the streets or in a bar, then you might never be able to do so when you meet the man or the woman of your dreams. You’ve gotta get ready.

You might miss that one big shot. So you’d better get ready. And who knows. While getting ready that small shot might turn into your big shot…

But there’s no guarantee. There’s no guarantee for anything in life.

There’s just trying and knowing.

Or not trying and never knowing.

It’s your call…

P.S. Just a few more parts left and my book will be done! You can check it out and pre-order it here. By the way, this story was a part of that book :-)…

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