Instagram Stories are already changing the game…

And that story must happen within 24 hours…

Instagram is changing it’s new feature up and making what I would argue the biggest change needed by Snapchat. That’s right… Discovery.

Snapchat has an issue…

Add ProductHuntTeam to your Snap, definitely worth it. (shoutout to Niv Dror)

Discovery is and has always been a pain for Snapchat and they know it. They refuse to institute a user discover feature insisting that doing so would feel heavy-handed and not have the desired effects. That being said they are moving towards extremely easy ways for users to share other users like the “recommend” feature, yet nobody knows about it sadly.

In Walks Instagram!

But either way, Instagram is bringing in a new wave of discovery which will undoubtably be extremely accurate (due to its massive backing and insights) called “Suggested Stories.”

Source: TechCrunch

From my experience with everything Instagram has recommended to me from people to follow, to videos you might like, and beyond this will definitely be a huge feature that has all of the pieces Snapchat is refusing to implement.

Of course, only time will tell if these is a suggested user list or another popularity board, but I think Instagram has learned from its mistake and won’t do a mass-appeal board again. With that in mind, the entire notion of stories on Instagram is built out correctly but is in need of some serious users for better or for worse.

I’m a huge fan of stories on Instagram and the ability to add pictures taken in the last 24 hours is an extremely smooth experience as well!

PS: If you aren’t sure how to put your Snapchats on Instagram, check this out! (Shoutout to Troy Osinoff for making this)

I believe Instagram is going at this bite-sized content in the right direction and bringing with it the right bit of Instagram flavor (or data). It’ll be exciting to see where this goes.

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