Movement is a necessity. Failing is a necessity.

The very act of moving forward in a situation is necessary for people to progress.

Companies move forward through many different ways, product innovations, the addition of new people, or even the very act of an acquisition.

People move forward through many different ways too. One can actually move from a location or place, they can build new friendships and relationships, they can even end relationships. That too is a movement forward.

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.”- Victor Kiam

The very act of “failing” is in itself moving forward. Understanding that the challenge wasn’t right, the timing was off, the company was too large/too small, it just wasn’t the right market, all of these reasons and a thousand other get called out with the very act of failing. Each one hides a little movement forward.

The ability to understand something isn’t going the right way and correct it or end it is one that takes time and intuition to figure out. Even when you have 95% of the answers, you truth may still lie in that 5%, but that’s okay. Making a decision to end something is progress. It’s growing, it’s understanding. The best companies fail fast and hard. Not because they want to fail, but because they want to learn. The ability to be the first to fail gives you the ability to be the first to learn and understand why. (Albeit a steep learning curve comes with it.)

The true learning lives in the why.

Why did we as a team not meet quarterly sales numbers?
Why did we as a company fail in our product extension?
Why did our relationship fall apart?
Why is my job not exciting?

Do you want to read a story about failing, learning, pivoting and raising beautiful capital that happened in the last 48 hours? GOAT. You heard that right GOAT, just announced it raised $5 million in venture capital after shuttering the old business of GrubWithUs. Take a second and read about this failure turned success. 👇

(Thanks Mark Suster for the read!)

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