You don’t fail because of “bad timing”

You don’t fail because of bad timing. You fail because it’s wrong.

All the time you hear companies and entrepreneurs close the doors of the project or company they were working on because, “the timing just wasn’t right” or “we were just too early.” No. I’m sorry that’s not a good enough reason… timing isn’t a reason a company or project dies. Execution is the reason the company died.

(For the sake of simplification I’m going to refer to the company, project, campaign, or whatever it may be as a product. But these terms can be interchanged at anytime.)

But what if the product is just too early?

There is no such thing as “being too early.” A product can’t be “too early” for it’s market. It can’t be too early for the masses. If you actually think the product is “too early” for people to use it, it wasn’t built correctly. You didn’t message it the right way, and you may have been overcomplicated.

Let’s make an example.

You develop this amazing product. I’m talking 10 stars on a 5-star scale product. It’s beautiful and it’s actually dare I say, revolutionary. You ship it out to the users. They don’t understand it at all. You gave them prompts, you gave them onboarding, but they don’t get it… they actually are slightly scared of it.
So there’s a problem. You developed a product that may truly be revolutionary, but it’s not the time for it. The product fails because the timing wasn’t right. You were too early, right?
NO! You didn’t figure out that you had to scale the product back and use it in a different method. Maybe one day in the future you can use it in that way, but you have to be super creative and find the right use case that works for the time you are in now, not in five years, that’s no good no.
This happens, believe me. The end products that we get to interact with on a daily basis, didn’t always start that way. They get here pivot after pivot, beta after beta, refresh after refresh. Just ask GOAT.

I’m sorry. Products don’t fail because of timing. That’s an excuse. They fail because of the execution, or lack of creativity/imagination when ensuring all the pieces fit.

As Marc Andreessen once said…

“There’s very little difference between being early, late, or just plain wrong.”

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