A New Kind Of Artificial Intelligence With Smart Data

Feb 10, 2018 · 3 min read

Andrew Hacker
“Companies already can’t cope with the data they have today, let alone the data that is around the corner… Rather than worrying about “big data,” companies would do well to instead focus on Smart Data…” Forbes, April 26, 2016

By 2020, 50 billion Internet of things devices will produce 120 billion gigabytes of data every day. This deluge of data requires a different approach to managing and getting value from data. Today’s big data analytics technologies simply cannot keep up with the distributed Internet of things and exponentially growing amounts of data.

Here at MistIQ Technologies, we are reinventing data analytics and Artificial Intelligence with Data Defined Computing which merges data and data processing together creating Smart Data. Smart Data is literally each piece of data combined with a small piece of application logic that creates a data agent. Data agents are autonomous “things” that can interact with the world around them. Already we are providing solutions for major industry verticals such as Healthcare, Transportation, Finance, Cybersecurity, and Energy.

Blockchain technologies are reinventing how the tech community conceives and launches new ideas. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is highly innovative, moves at a blinding pace, and is growing rapidly. Founders who have novel ideas want to build something, create a viable product that helps out in some way, launch it to the public and see it grow. Blockchain and cryptocurrency economics offer funding opportunities that did not exist before and the community can lend its support to fledgling companies and be engaged with them every step of the way. With the incredible surge in growth and momentum of such a new technology like blockchain and cryptocurrencies comes the need for frameworks and guidelines around how they can (and should) be used.

MistIQ Technologies is merging blockchain technology with Smart Data to create a global Artificial Intelligence network called ought Network where decentralized artificial intelligence meets blockchain. Thought Network’s mission is to unlock the knowledge potential of the world’s data. The Thought Network will create an insight layer on the Internet to manage the world’s data with a global data de ned processing and artificial intelligence network run by “Smart Data”. Thought Network will launch its functional network and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in early 2018.

With Smart Data:

Business value is provided faster by using context and action logic as the data is generated,without requiring huge amounts of time, processing power and storage to produce.

Information is shared without contractual negotiations and complicated data transfer plans for every exchange. Each piece of smart data knows what can be shared and who is allowed to have it.

Multi-level encryption and authentication of each data element enables access to analytics while protecting privacy and keeping original data secure.

Data automatically becomes a marketable asset because monetary value is dynamically assigned to each piece of smart data.

Data is “unhackable” since the compromise of one small piece of data will not affect any other piece of Smart Data, this can help eliminate major
cybersecurity breaches.

Website: http://thought.live, email: andrew@thought.live

the-intellectual-magazine.com, Jan 2018 (we are on page 27!)

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Thought Network

Thought is fundamentally changing how data is being processed by embedding AI into every small piece of data.


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Thought is fundamentally changing the way information is processed by embedding AI into every small piece of data. Learn more: https://thought.live

Thought Network

Thought is fundamentally changing how data is being processed by embedding AI into every small piece of data.