Forgetting Jesus in the Seminary

Might be hard to believe but it is easy to lose sight of Jesus even in places where you think you can easily commune with Him.

Jun 26, 2016 · 3 min read
Beautiful blue skies, gorgeous landscape and lush greens overlooking the GMC building at APTS.

First week of classes in this lovely campus of APTS just ended and my third week of stay here has started. So far, I am very challenged with the independence and the discipline I have to impose on myself. Just thinking about managing time among the readings, the papers required and the part-time job I have — all on top of the adjustment I am going through, it is surprisingly difficult figuring out how to adult in this place — is overwhelming.

Yes, We Stereotype

This seminary is full of facilities that encourage students to spend time with the Lord and I have been using them quite well.

The general idea of the masses, whether a professing believer or not, is that if one is inside the church or goes to a bible school or stays at any place regarded as religious or holy, such an establishment promotes absolute focus for one who wants to spend time praying and meditating on the Scriptures.

I thought about that too. That was my picture of how it is in a Bible School too. But as it turns out, that is not always the case.

Seminary Life Doesn’t Necessarily Translate To An Excellent Christian Life

There is this one principle I remember: God and ministry are not the same. And this applies well in seminary. It does not mean that if one is in a Bible school and participate well in all the activities and do good in his academics with papers submitted on time — these do not automatically translate for one to have an excellent Christian life. As if there’s a thing of that sort here on planet earth. Being in a Christian institution does not make one’s prayer life perfect and have him master the Scripture.

Yes, the head can be filled with so much knowledge but how about the heart? Remember that the heart is what matters in utmost to God and our relationship with Jesus Christ and they take effort, they take time — they take all of one’s self: they take one’s whole heart, mind, strength and soul.

It Takes All Of You & Me

As I try to find my way how to rightly schedule my activities in the campus and think about how I will manage my time, I was reminded well this morning: There is this urgency, which is of grave necessity, to pursue Jesus above all that I am trying to get done in this place.

I had to remind myself, I had to declare over myself the very reason why I am here. I had to remember how God did not fail to open my eyes in seeing His opened doors when I asked Him whether it was His will for me to be here. I had to look back how He has been providing for me from when I first came here until now. I had to choose to believe my Lord’s promises and how He has been faithful through the years.

It is in my Lord’s grace that I have been called to serve Him. I am here for equipping and it is the Lord who brought me here. These challenges are but a part of this journey which I have no knowledge of and yet it is not mine alone to take.

It says in John 15:5 “… apart from me you can do nothing.” There are countless affairs and matters, issues and difficulties that demand our attention and our strength. Whether it is of good cause or not, whether it is of selfish motivation or not, whether it is of well-meaning intention or not, if it goes above our God as our goal, then it matters not. And in this we fail — a lot of times.

It takes so much energy, so much effort to deny what we want. It is hard to be selfless. But this is when we need more to merely give up our ableness and give in to God’s sovereignty. It may take all of our selves to choose Him but it is ever worth it.

Will you still choose to forget? Or would you try to press through the crowd of distractions and come to His feet?

Inklings to Reveries

Random stuff splashes much like thought vomits.


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"But courage, child: we are all between the paws of the true Aslan." (C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle - 1995)

Inklings to Reveries

Random stuff splashes much like thought vomits.

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