Be a Starwars CEO.

In a galaxy far, far away Starwars characters are building a ‘Force’ of amazing entrepreneurs. Join them or see yourself becoming a Stormtrooper. If you wish to join this ‘Force’ then…

…be awesome like Han Solo. The whole world might hate you but they also can’t stop adoring you. Drive people crazy with some real attitude.

…be expressive like Leia. A good news? Give credits to the team. A bad news? Tell people about it and look for their help and creative solutions.

…be brave like Rey. Don’t let anyone go into your mind and see through. Rather show them your powers, penetrate their defence mechanism and make them follow you.

…be rebellious like Finn. If something’s wrong, do something for it. Don’t let rules define your boundaries and actions.

…be sharp like Poe. Know your strengths and play to them.

…be powerful like Ren. Even if you’re on the wrong side, do something great. Make your choices and do something great with it.

…be convincing like Darth Vedar. Everyone has a soft point. Find it and leverage it for your advantage. Not everybody is as firm as Luke Skywalker.

…be loyal as BB8. Your venture might cost you your time or energy, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

…be silly like C-3PO. Ask questions, be childish but make a contribution.

…Jedi like Luke. Turn all Forces in your direction. Find the best mentor and have faith in him.

…be wise like Maz Kanata. Extremely good with judgement and see the same eyes in different people.

…be invisible yet omnipresent like The Force. Maintain order but don’t interrupt. Let people learn from mistakes.

‘Try Not! Do or Do not. There is no try.’— Yoda

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