Is Code The New English?

“I feel as coding is the new english” are the words that I heard someone say today during a conversation. And it got me thinking.

It seems that increasingly in this digital age, that it has never been more important to have technical skills. I think that is probably true, having the ability to have an idea and then code it up or mock it up is pretty empowering.

Here is the dilemma I am currently facing, inspired by one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s recent posts where he alluded to the idea of “documenting vs creating” So here I am thinking out loud as I sit at a crossroads of sorts.

As a person who is non technical I am considering doing the Product Design Track on Bloc. I feel that this has a nice balance of foundational technical skill with foundational design skill.

Based on what I have been observing, we are living in a world that is less concerned about ideas and more concerned with actions. Less concerned with common place theory and more concerned with error and tinkering. So, to get back to that early conversation I think my friend could be right, code very well could be the new english, so I guess that would make design french (lol).

That begs the question, as a non technical person: Should I take the plunge? The central question behind this really is — is purely technical skill more advantageous than product design with some front end? My biased argument would say that product design is probably better because you can paint your thoughts you can bring vision to your ideas, and with some technical knowledge you can bring it to life.

At a more philosophical level, there is no doubt about the timing we are clearly in an age of engineering and art which means that the real question to ask oneself, so the question that I am asking myself is: are you a person who has ideas about the future that are radically different from the present?

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