Do I need a Will?

The typical Will Writing Service client is often 55-plus years of age, retired, married, and often have new grandchildren. So it’s easy to see why they would look at writing a will as a priority. What about if you don’t fit that profile?

I was packing up after a networking event recently, and a young chap approached me. My talk had prompted him to ask, “Do I need a Will?”. Of course, there’s no easy answer to that. I’m inclined to say everyone does because I often see the mess left behind when a loved one dies without having written a will. But this lad was around 19 years old, lived at home, had no substantial romantic relationship, didn’t have much in the way of assets, had no kids and …. well, he was a typical 19 year old in all the best possible ways!

I had to begrudgingly concede that he probably had very little need for a will right now, but I implored him to give me a call when anything substantial takes place in his life. So, when (let’s call him) Bob;

  • Has a child
  • Enters a substantial relationship
  • Ends a substantial relationship
  • Buys his own house
  • Has a change in his financial circumstances (Inheritance, Lottery Win!, Salary changes)

then he’ll give me a call.

I think this question can only really be answered by yourself. So often people say to me that there is no point having a will because they have no money. That’s not a great reason on its own. Many of those people also have children. Simply having children in itself is a great reason to make a Will. In your Will, you can appoint ‘Guardians’ — these are the loved and trusted people in your life who agree to look after your children in the event of your death. THIS is peace of mind! I wrote a Will this week for a young, single mother. The simple fact that she could name someone in her Will to look after her daughter if she died was reason enough to make that will.

So ask yourself, without a valid Will in place, who would suffer? A Will never benefits the person who writes it. It is there to help your loved ones get through a really tough time. If you conclude that it is worth looking at making a will, please get in touch. We’re always more than happy to talk through your options, and we offer Fixed Pricing on all Wills and LPA’s

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