An exercise in releasing your “Throat Chakra”!

So I think its that time again. I feel the need to write, I’ve been feeling a little off and I couldn’t quite figure out why.

The last few days, I’ve had a mild sore neck which may be the result of a congested Throat (5th) Chakra. The 5th Chakra or Throat Chakra is our vocal expression that we use to command energy into form, manifestation. This energy passes through the Thyroid Gland, voice, ears/ hearing, neck, and throat. It responds well to sound healing, creative expression, a moderate lifestyle and the colour blue.

On the road to building Personal Integrity and developing trust and respect between mutual parties in communications, it is important that you Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say and be kind when you say it. This helps to develop and clear blocked energies from the Throat Chakra.

That said, adoptees struggle immensely with voicing their needs

It shuts down with criticism, overwork, and too much processed foods. Anything that overrides your human need for calm, this is the complete opposite in how infant adoptees, particularly those of forced adoption.

Objectivity and forced silence closes your Throat Chakra. The majority of adoptive children usually hit a total wall of silence about their origins. Some adoptive parents provide information that is fed to them by agencies to be used at the appropriate age. Often this is edited, distorted, or simply not factual, even the result of communication mistakes or is deliberate miscommunication.

An underactive Throat Chakra is linked to stuck feelings, censored truths, speech impediments, and stagnation. Start with a good yell, cry or groan to try and shift the block — in a safe private place, of course, …writing down all your worries on paper then shredding or burning may also help. Yes, I’ve done all of it, even most severe cases these may start involuntarily, so try and just go with it. I’d like my wife Tracy will help me with singing, she’s a professional singer.

side note — 2021 is a 5 Universal Year of Throat Chakra Healing

5 Spiritual Causes of a Stiff Neck

1) Inflexibility
Physical stiffness can reflect mental rigidity (ME!). Have you created a blockage? Reach out to empathetic sources maybe it’s time to ask for help.

2) Watching instead of living
Too much screen time, poor office setups, and sitting create hip and neck tension (ALSO ME!). Try yoga, movement, and meditation.

3) Anger and resentment
You can be right or you can be happy. A sore neck is linked to the judgment of others. Again the issues of adoption are always present. This is a choice and one we really struggle with, it comes with the territory (ME! AGAIN) I have to try and let this shit go when my brain is hard-wired to against it.

4) A diet of negative energy
Lots of sugary, salty, and fatty foods can cause inflammation (GUILTY!). Eat more home-cooked meals and organic produce . Use music or chanting to neutralize that inner critic. Detox your feelings, turn off the news, and reduce your exposure to bullies. (Adoption advocacy is hard when faced with an unsympathetic audience.

5) Something else!
A past life injury or needing to forgive a parent. Telling the whole truth will set you free. It’s time to speak up (OH, YES IT IS!).

The Atomic Doorway

This is also referred to as the Ascension Chakra as it is an opening to the Oversoul. This is a chakra point directly at the back of the cranium in the lower centre of your head.

It’s my belief that as adoptees, we experience an injury to this area through the trauma of neonatal infancy separation.

The Medulla Oblongata is at the base of the brain stem that acts as the energy receiver of cosmic energy. Bring to your mind the life force energy coming into the medulla oblongata and being directed to your body parts.

The Alta Major centre is an extremely sensitive portal of higher consciousness awareness which alerts us to the signature of negative energies, entities, or toxic influences in the environment.

As a sensitive portal of consciousness that links directly into the brain and higher heart complex, it is highly susceptible to a range of attacks, and misalignment. When the Alta Major centre is misaligned, it interferes with brain function, heart-centred communication and higher sensory perception. Blockages in the Alta neck centre may result directly impacting the thought chakra.

The Mother-Child Bond

The bond of mother and child extends far beyond the experience of normal motherhood. When the relationship between a mother and her child is contravened, the natural universal mother-child is not only violated but completely obliterated. The ripples of karma become a tsunami.

Universal law and otherworldly connections are being fractured, creating a Point of Divergence. A point of no return. A bifurcation in the structure of time and space. The bifurcation of the souls at separation causes massive ongoing spiritual and developmental issues which breaks the Force of Love that naturally aligns itself back into unity.

So it’s now obvious to see that this extreme change directly affects the individual nervous system. It changes the brain neural network, brain chemistry and naturally embedded behaviours laying the foundation for a lifetime of psychological and emotional trauma.

The hara connects to all the levels of consciousness-minded principles. (I’ve mentioned the hara centre in previous articles).

Stolen voices

After this extreme pre-verbal trauma adoptees lose their ability to voice their feelings and basic emotional needs. not only do we lose the ability, but we are also expected to be silent.

It could go a little like this…

A family member of the adoptee becomes insulted by the trying to find their birth family? Some take it personally as though we may want to replace them.

I can understand their apprehension, however, I don’t understand their aversion to the truth. The truth is and will always be at the forefront of every adoptee’s life.

To deny someone’s truth is to impose your reality onto them. Therefore I see this as not being the problem of the adoptee but the problem of the family member to firstly not understand the full gamut of the situation.

Then secondly, Ignore why they are feeling this way in the first place. The family member needs to take a step back and look at themselves and assess why they have these unhealthy views.

On top of being biologically separated and the trauma, that goes with it. Adoptees are supposedly obligated to be grateful because other people involved can’t face and get past their own issues and biased opinions for the good of the adoptee.

There are some dark elements in human psychology that reveal truths that are very ugly and are hard to face for everyone.

Before, during and after adoption. These sentiments lies and beliefs are promoted across our races in the most archaic, draconian way, they are rooted in ignorance, lack of empathy and violence.

Actively seeking positive experiences

We have been taught and brainwashed that our experiences don’t count. So our lives become disjointed to our most inner needs, identity and natural direction in life. In an attempt to correct or reclaim our emotional Intelligence we must habitually seek positive experiences.

This is easier said than done, the general public has no insight into the depths of our crushing perceived inability to simply function in the day today. In comparison, our efforts are simply superhuman. Some or most days we are lost both in and outside ourselves.

Without regular reliable positive experiences, one cannot develop the feeling-sensory body, its receivers and transmitters, which allow for the development and cellular cognition, without having an open heart and the ability to feel deeply.

Engaged Detachment

Every day we have the opportunity to practice Engaged Detachment which is being in the present moment, in the day to day process of accepting reality as it presents itself, and doing our best to align our actions with what we feel from our heart and mind is rightly aligned, while surrendering the outcome.

In order to release a strong attachment to something on the external, we must first identify that we have an attachment by noting the strong emotional triggers, impulses and feelings we experience in regard to that circumstance.

Through self-observation, we can witness heavy emotions that come with strong attachment, and we can hold space for processing that emotional energy to move through us more easily, allowing it to be as it is right now.

If we allow things to be as they are in the moment, we can release our desire to control or manipulate the situation in order to get the desired result that our ego believes is the better outcome. Instead, once you have allowed some space to process the emotions related to releasing attachment in this experience, feel, imagine and visualize that you are casting out these emotional burdens to your highest consciousness.

In order to develop Self Awareness and be present with the inner and outer mental dialogues, one must become the observer or witnessing Consciousness. Refocusing mental perception from negative or fear-based thinking into its positive polarity is achieved through the practice of unconditional love and Forgiveness towards the self and others.

As adoptees suffering attachment disorders, we have trouble doing both.
So in the spirit of this articles name.

An exercise in releasing your “Throat Chakra”!

For those of you who don’t want to listen to our collective voice as adoptees.


Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards…<meta name=”google-site-verification” cont

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

Written by

The sole purpose of Thoughtless Delineation is to lift standards of ethics & morality by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.

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