Angel Number 66 — Adoption memes | Thoughtless Delineation

I’ve put together 66 Adoption memes.

Whenever your angels communicate using a repeating number or group of numbers, the repetition is meant to provide emphasis and power to their message.

Whenever a number is repeated in an angel number, its vibrational essence is amplified. In this way, angel number 66 resonates with a higher frequency of unconditional love, faith, and healing.

The angel number 6 brings the energy of stability. It represents our need for balance in life and our ability to create stability through problem-solving, seeing clearly, curiosity, grace, with dignity and signifies love, compassion, generosity, and determination.

It’s earthly energy is about more than just physical and financial needs. As it also brings the energy of peace, honesty, integrity, healing, justice, conscientiousness, and humanitarianism. Everything on the earth is part of our greater family including adoptees and we need to be treated as such.

See what resonates with you, and share it! Don’t forget your hashtags #!

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