Clipping the wings of illegitimate infants

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Mar 7 · 10 min read

Yes, it’s far worse than you think!

Throughout my life as an adoptee I’ve constantly wondered what my purpose is here. At first I had no clue. From a very young age I just knew I was out of place, not only as an adoptee, but also as a soul. I was in a very sheltered bubble, everything was provided for me, and for that I am grateful.

Later in life started to see cracks in my perceived reality, first I was forbidden to talk about my adoption, on my 16th Birthday I was forced to sign a no contact “veto” that would have prevented my Birth Mother contacting me if she was searching.

At 19 I had visions of what my Birth Mother would look like. I started to question my reality and saw that there were massive black holes. Coinsidently that was the year Queendland Australia, allowed access to previously locked adoption records.

At 26 I applied for my original Birth Certificate.

I did everything to please my adoptive family, felt I had too, but it all seemed extremely one sided, yes financially they were there for me, but emotionally I just didn’t see it. Perhaps the thing that was stopping me connecting with them was the very first trauma I ever experienced, The Primal Wound of being separated from my Birth Mother. Pehaps my adoptive parents had their own issues which prevented them from acknowledging the trauma I suffered, or perhaps and most likely it was both.

Before you reject my hypothesis, be sure to check your Moral Nihilism, I have no interest in your Social Darwinism. There is plenty of proof supporting this from the scientific community.

At the age of 44, I finally reunited with my Birth Mother. This was when I realised my earlier visions of her were remarkably accurate, they were practically identical.

After reunion I applied for my full adoption records and the penny dropped, I realised that the my adoptive Birth Certificate stated that my adoptive parents gave birth to me and my original Birth Certificate was cancelled, the identity I was born with was the Birth Certificate I was born with was stolen from me, as if it didn’t matter. Seconds after being born I was separated from my Mother, I sat in the hospital for 3 weeks till I was adopted. There is one particular page with in these documents that states that my identity was officially changed after 4 weeks and 4 days. I have questions… Did my adoptive family know my previous identity?

I know what you’re thinking.. but you were just a baby, there is no way you could have remembered anything.

Again I say to you check your Moral Nihilism, I have no interest in your Social Darwinism. There is plenty of proof supporting this from the scientific community.

Sadly I admit you are right, the infant brain does not remember trauma, but the body and brain chemistry certainly does.

Developmental trauma occurs between the moment of conception, and before the onset of conscious verbal thought at age two or three. That’s actually a very long time for a fetus and an infant. And, it’s pre-cognitive, pre-verbal, and can’t be recalled. Yet it floods the in utero brain and body with stress chemicals and at birth, stress on baby and mother makes attachment difficult or impossible. Traumatic dysregulation of cells harms development of the brain, nervous system, and body itself — from scratch.

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD

By default adoptees face significant disadvantages throughout life.

Our bodies hold on to past traumas which are reflected in our body language, posture and also expressions. Past traumas manifest physical symptoms like pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, immune system dysfunction, medical issues, depression, anxiety and addiction.

The preponderance of Moral Nihilistic Belief in science and in society has generalized thought forms that are used to promote & spread Cancel Culture in humanity. This is really just giving people an excuse for really negative behaviours to not be accountable or responsible to the consequences and to not feel remorse or Empathy for other people.

Moral Nihilism combined with the Cancel Culture is quite effective at mass producing, marketing and amplifying an array of negative propaganda forces generating pain, suffering and torture of humanity. It is a social political tool used to cultivate human suffering and convert the energy it generates — this is monetizing human pain. To be able to see it I know it’s difficult but we need to look at it and see it so that we try to not feed it.

Ironiaclly “Pro Adoption” is up there with “Pro Life” & “Anti Abortion”

I believe that a blaket statement of support can not be cast over these issues as a group or individually. Why? Because society just has not fucking clue or has any willingness to listen to adoptees.

I often say

As an adoptee I world have rather been aborted.

And here is where the real article starts.

Growing up I didn’t realise it, but over time I grew to see that in regard to adoption, the planets morality has been and still continues to been hijacked. This “hijacking” locks souls of adoptees consciousness to be stuck in rounds of 3D dimensional reincarnation and purposely thwarts our ascention and prevents our soul fragments from healing. Never getting off the wheel of rebirth, constantly coming back into the lower form worlds of density. (See 666 Seal below)

Did you know our soul has wings

Chakra frequencies connect into vertical and horizontal meridians that are connected to energetic portals that are on the top of our shoulders and run down each side of our body. These are known as Axiatonal Lines. In the angelic human lightbody, these two energy centers operate as portals and are called the Wings.

Wing is in the top right shoulder indent on the masculine side of the body, and the 7D portal Wing is on the top left shoulder indent on the feminine side of the body.

The 6D portal is connected to the celestial body in the third layer of our Soul matrix.

When we start to build our 6D Lightbody, our masculine and feminine energies attempt to merge and synthesize a pathway up our central vertical Channel, connecting into the base of the brain and synthesize the frequency from out of the 6th energy centers, in the center of the forehead and brain.

When completed we are holding the first layer of inner template of divine union in the Soul Matrix and able to outwardly manifest the first levels of our divine union or hierogamic partnership.

Whatever we may do or believe that is destructive to either the male or female principle, ultimately wounds our soul and spirit and creates misery.

Why is this relivant?

This is where the significant long-term effects & issues of adoption are completely ignored, including infant separation, loss of identity and associated human rights and many many more.

We do not do well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation. Due to trauma, we lack the necessary skills needed to make adjustments in order to gain strength coming to terms with our loss. All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviours, and actions that affect others. Especially those that impact the sanctity of the mother and child diad.


I’ve said before, adoptees are extremely well versed in Bifurcation

Bifurcation: Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. The lower the quality of overall energy, the more unstable and disconnected the personal and environmental experience on earth will become.

When Bifercation of the mother and child diad happens far too violently, too soon. Energy is lost, mutated and redirected. It’s almost like seeing a Wormhole is created and path of sepertaion begins.

it’s almost like looking at an umbilical cord. Scientific studies show that cutting the cord too soon after birth might stress the baby’s heart, increase the risk for bleeding inside the brain, and increase the risk for anemia and iron deficiency. let’s stop to consider for a minute the incredible transition an infant’s heart and lungs must make shortly after birth. In the womb, the lungs cannot take in air, so the baby doesn’t inhale and exhale. The lungs are filled with fluid. Adults get oxygen from the lungs, but the fetus gets its oxygen from the umbilical cord. The two chambers of the infant heart beat at roughly the same interval, to bring oxygen from the umbilical region to the tissues and send it back again. At birth, this arrangement changes rapidly.

Energies and connections between the mother and child are cut off and swept into oblivion. It’s like being in a container (womb), and then experiencing an explosion, suddenly there’s a tunnel and an opening. The membrane explodes and a new window rips open. It’s a massive force, a propulsion. When energy is violent starts moving far too rapidly things can and do go wrong. This is where the scentic studies mentioned above step in and their effects start showing.

We still need far more research in this area by combining the esoteric and scientific community.

We suffer a type of wing trauma

My hypothesis concludes that adoptees suffer a Wing Trauma in the architecture of their Axiatonal Lines. This causes a split in our astral identity, the astral soul layers are split in 2. A lower layer and a higher layer. The astral body is split and generates chaotic emotional energies that remain unconsciously expressed as autonomic system impulses, in which the individual is unaware or unable to control. Metaphorically and spiritually clipping our wings.

When these negative emotions accumulate into aberrant patterns they usually remained uncleared and unresolved, exaggerated by the most primitive and animalistic of the instinctual impulses. Lower astral bodys form as Shadow Selves & Pain Bodies. It is the shadow selves that contribute to an assortment of pain body problems such as exacerbating uncontrollable subconscious reactions and Addiction tendencies, as the unaware individual seeks inner relief from the built-up tension and emotional anxiety that is held in the shadow selves.

The ego-personality wants to escape facing these harsh truths & realities and wants to escape the sensation of pain, we avoid resolving emotional conflicts and negative emotions by putting up subconscious blocks. This greatly contributes to the phenomenon of a lack of Self Awareness which then forms into mental states of Cognitive Dissonance that is very common in adoptees.

666 Seal

The 666 Seal is a type of “quarantine”, it’s a genetic block that forces the Soul consciousness to reincarnate over and over again on the 3D earth plane) in order to reclaim missing pieces and soul parts, as well as learn how to evolve back into wholeness with the natural laws of ascention, The Law of One.

Healing These Schisms

To heal these schisms and rehabilitate our DNA, we are required to learn about the Law of One and practice the Law of One principles, to finally heal and embody the integrated spiritual identity. Once we are proficient and are accepting of this as the truth as the nature of reality, these genetic blocks and the 666 Seal are able to be removed. However in the haze of adoption and its related traumas, this an immense, almost impossible task. But it is possible if we are shown the right level of support, awareness and acceptance from those around us and the wider international population.

As adoptees start to recover and face their darknight of the soul, they may develop skills in “Multidimensionality”. We start to expand our consciousness, and have a better understanding of our own multidimensional and energy, and the energies around us, we begin to perceive the larger energies in the collective consciousness that we connect with. Regardless, adoptees are experts in looking for something that isn’t there. So you shouldn’t be surprised if an adoptee finds something that nobody else can see, and when they do it’s usually something of immense concern with catastrophic ramifications. In other words, don't bullshit us! We can see straight through you.

It is my hope that the demand for this support structure will be acknowledged and further developed through a unification of the adoptive, esoteric and scientific community.

In Closing:

All human beings are responsible for their thoughts, deeds, actions and behaviours, all of these are direct choices made by each person in the moment and will have direct energetic consequences.

Throughout life, we all are required to understand the difference between positive and negative forces. We can determine how our actions and beliefs affect others. Both positive and negative forces will contribute to the outcome of the lives they impact. You must now acknowledge that adoptees face significant disadvantages throughout life and do not enter this world on an even playing field.

Everone now is realising the importance of addressing mental health issues because of the covid lockdown and the need for support. They are recognising the effects of little or no social contact, feeling disenfranchised, silenced and lonely. These are things I and most adoptees experience our entire lives with little or no support. Yet we are pushed aside and told to get over it.

To the the families who have lost loved ones to Covid-19 and feel helpless because you couldn’t be there with them to do anything About it. The adoptee community stands with you, we know your pain.

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards…

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

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The sole purpose of Thoughtless Delineation is to lift standards of ethics & morality by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.