Education does not include Adoption!

Vocational Education in Australia

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Education does not include Adoption!
 Vocational Education in Australia
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As an experienced vocational educator for over 20 years and adoptee for over 50 years, I regret to inform you of the shortcomings within our National Vocational Education system, given the gravitas of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the national apology for forced adoption. This and other related issues are of significant importance to both human rights and the mental health of Australian citizens.

These shortcomings are beyond comprehension once spoken. Sadly I don’t really have the correct words to articulate the issue, so instead, I ask you to open a new internet browser tab and search for the word “adoption” on the website.

Is it not disturbing to you that “ Certificate IV in Greyhound Racing Industry” is the only national curriculum that references adoption?

Furthermore, neither do any of the official National Standards or Frameworks for childhood education. There is an absolutely urgent need to address adoption. As well as the ongoing issues of identity loss of adoption or the laws that prevent an adoptee from returning to their family or origin after a failed adoption such as myself among others that infringe on our human rights.

I have personal experience of utter disappointment after contacting existing national mental health support through organisations such as RUOK and others. Operators and support staff have absolutely no training, understanding or recollection of the issues of adoption or even what forced adoption is.

Note: The stolen generation has its own section of training, adoption loss and identity issues that mirror the stolen generation however, there is no official mention of it anywhere, nor does it appear in any form of social worker training.

Also, I’ve heard of stories of grade 12 English students using the stolen generation for extra credit while those who reference adoption, specifically forced adoption were chastised and failed their final assessments.

It is physically impossible for me to articulate every single issue in this article but I can point out that the general points around the performance criteria cover:

Identity, the rights of the child, communication, policies and procedures and ethics, family consultation and communication, long-term health needs, engagement in experiences, and conversations, culture, and positive interactions with others. To be active participants in their own lives, community contexts, and emotional regulation, and support children’s agency to make choices. Social and physical factors of the child’s environments of home and community. Identifying children and young people at risk, observing signs and symptoms. Decision-making and inclusion.

Currently, Educators and the general public are not trained in adoption at all. How can this be achieved if educators bring their personal beliefs of adoption to the environment?

My adoptive and educational peers have come to the realisation that there is an extensive critical gap in education to successfully support a child through the experience of adoption. The “proper, just” language or platform for unknown reasons just does not exist socially, morally, or professionally.

As you may now be aware there is a similar correlation of experience between the stolen generation, adoption and the forced adoption era.

Early Childhood is just one area of concern, invalidation for existing older adoptees has been proven to lead to poor mental health including C-PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Seven Core Issues in Adoption”:

  • Loss
  • Rejection
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Grief
  • Identity
  • Intimacy
  • Mastery and Control

The language around permanence is in reality, severance, and the lack of knowledge around these subjects is most certainly a form of institutional and social gaslighting, which is evident in social attitudes. Remember, slavery was once thought of as legal. This is precisely why there is an absolute immediate need for education on adoption, not only for the benefit of children but also for those currently experiencing the fallout of issues instigated by previous, current and unchanged laws which, if left unaddressed will rise again in another generation.

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I am not angry, I am outraged.

Each area of 1. New adoptions, 2. Existing adoptees, and 3. Forced adoption, demands its own unique approach, pedagogy & resolution.

  1. Are new adoptees burdened to relive the experiences of current adoptees, such as the inability to discharge their adoption?
  2. Will there be public education around practices that still strip lives of their original birth certificates, only to be issued with one with a new identity that states their adoptive parents gave birth to them?
  3. Will those who suffered at the hands of forced adoption have a voice for equality to educate the public and those who provide social support for past national atrocities?

It is your duty of care to now publicly assist those who are willing to rectify the decades of neglect of the Australian Government in the name of diversity, equity and Inclusion.

Altruism and permanency should not come at the expense of stability, integrity, authenticity, culture and heritage.

Being born into the right family can give you power, being born of the wrong, you can lose everything including your place and voice in this world, even the road you had every right to travel.

If democracy and education were truly valued, adoptees would have a voice.

The darkness of the era must end, and it can end with you.

Official Adoption — Vocational Education inclusion request soon to be sent to the following people:

Director-General of the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs — Deidre Mulkerin

Minister for Education | Member for McConnel — Grace Grace

Ironically, Minister Grace your responsibilities include state schooling, early childhood education and care, higher education, non-state school funding, industrial relations, employment policies and programs, workers’ compensation, workplace health and safety and “racing”

Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development — Former Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs — Dianne Farmer MP

Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs — Leanne Linard MP

Saxon Rice — CEO — Australian Skills Quality Authority.



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