Mental Health Select Committee

Submission for Inquiry into the Opportunities to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Queenslanders

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Dear Ministers

My Name is XXXX

Adopted as XXXX

Born Paul Alan Morley

And separated from my biological mother on Friday the X th January 19XX through Australia’s Forced Adoption Practices.

Research indicates that infant separation impacts babies developing brains in many ways. The brain adapts to this constant fear and focuses strictly on survival. Subsequently, the brain overly develops the systems and pathways that anticipate and respond to that specific threat and creates an extremely adverse template that affects all future development.

Adoption is like being hit over the head really really really hard and then being emotionally concussed for life.

The normal person doesn’t have to fight a corrupt social construct believed to be true by the masses for access to their basic human rights and records.

If adoption is so beautiful, then why is there a suicide statistic associated? Adoption is a celebration of loss, and no long term robust research has been ever attempted.

I have been diagnosed with C-Ptsd, Anxiety and Depression.

Even with various treatments over the last 10 years, I’m yet to see any significant development in treatments or experience of practitioners that adequately meets the needs of people affected by adoption.

Adoptees have a poor sense of identity and lack of a previously developed “normal” baseline which clouds their way to recovery and healing if this is at all in fact possible, given the magnitude of trauma experienced.

Experience is said to be the architect of the brain, and neurons that fire together wire together. Statistics show that Adoptees are overrepresented in treatment.

The human brain is a reflective organ, so a life-threatening experience at birth hardwires the brain for ongoing negative experiences for life. The trauma cannot be recalled but is remembered in implicit limbic memory systems. Frontal cortex based CBT therapy simply does not work. There is no pre-trauma personality. There is yet to be a category of developmental PTSD. There are usually more than 6 various types of relinquishments throughout an adoptee’s life, sometimes more.

The emotional stability of the human child is 75 per cent dependent on the mother being able to know herself. An emotionally coherent story directly affects connection, directly affects the emotional development of the biological child. For instance, womb bonding, womb hearing, and smell preferences kick in within the first 24 hours of birth.

People who are adopted present to treatment with a front of having it all together. Love addiction is the need to regulate mood by having the positive regard of significant others. This is contradicted with the slow loss of self and the belief that I can’t be myself in relationships because the first time was disastrous living hyper-vigilant on red alert always. Adoptees who talk about their trauma in sessions, instantly forget what was discussed as soon as they leave the session. Somewhere there’s a link between the preverbal wound and the inability to recall a therapy session.

Everything is played out with anxiety and shame and fear with real catastrophic thinking that the next thing that goes wrong will be the end of the world. The adopted population have real difficulties making a decision because decisions are seen as life-threatening. If you’ve had an attachment wound one of the things you haven’t managed to do is to become a separate person.

I cannot stress enough the need for immediate access to psychedelic-assisted therapies, there is absolutely no time to waste. To address the absolute destruction of lack of identity and connection. There must be a dedicated focus on repairing and reinstating a foundation for both. To reset the limbic system using some form of Model for Psychedelic-Assisted Re-Parenting. Including reconnection to biological families if reunions have taken place.

Those affected by forced adoption practices require, no, we demand a fully assisted redress scheme focused on recovery including Centrelink application support. All future Census & All Online Government Surveys must include relevant detailed long term adoption questions regarding adoption outcomes and issues. Remove ALL current state gag laws, access to new Integrated Birth Certificates and access to no fault, no fee, no fuss discharges immediately.


Shane Bouel

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Shane Bouel

Written to lift standards of ethics & morality by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies. From Thoughtless Del AKA Shane Bouel.