Mothers Day for an adoptee

The normal experience for an adoptee is feeling secretly disjointed, exposed, racked with guilt for not bonding with their adoptive mother. We are told to be greatful for that connection but we never had or couldn’t develop it. At the same time having extreme feelings of loss and grief of not knowing their birth mother.

For me it’s even more upside down because now I’m extremely happy to be able to spend time with my birth mother on Mother’s Day for only the second time in 45 years.

However I’m in an alternate universe where my adoptive mother now doesn’t want to acknowledge my happiness for finding my birth mother and being with my new partner. I hope she can get passed her insecurities and obvious disappointment in me. I wish her happy Mother’s Day.

I’m also pissed off with non adopted people ignoring their mothers on Mother’s Day. How dare you squander this love.

Happy Mothers Day to those who have the connection. My love to those who have missed it either via adoption or via ignorance, my heart is with you.