Open Letter to The Honourable Anthony Albanese MP.

Urgent Request for Attention to Ongoing Struggles of Those Affected by Forced Adoption

Shane Bouel
Thoughtless Delineation
3 min readFeb 12, 2023


Anthony Albanese MP. Urgent Request for Attention to Ongoing Struggles of Those Affected by Forced Adoption
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Dear Honorable Anthony Albanese MP,

As a child of forced adoption, who has been estranged from my adoptive family and is now in reunion, I write to you with a heavy heart and a deep sense of urgency. I am reaching out to bring attention to the ongoing struggles faced by those affected by forced adoption, and to highlight the lack of accessible resources for those in reunion to legally reunite with their biological families.

The upcoming 10th anniversary of the official National Apology for Forced Adoptions is on March 21st, 2023, but for many of us, the scars of the past remain. Despite this important recognition, the reality is that adoptees continue to face numerous challenges, with no substantial legal reforms put in place to address these issues. One of the biggest obstacles we face is the lack of accessible, no-fault, and no-fee services to aid us in our quest to reunite with our biological families.

Additionally, the government’s practice of cancelling the original birth certificates of adoptees and replacing them with new ones that list their adoptive parents as their biological parents only adds to the psychological and emotional toll of forced adoption.

As a child of forced adoption, I understand all too well the pain and trauma associated with being separated from one’s family of origin. Reuniting with my biological family should not come at the cost of excessive court fees or additional emotional trauma. However, without accessible resources, this is the reality faced by many of us.

I would like to bring to your attention the fact that you were almost one of the many victims of this practice. Although your mother was not forced to give you up for adoption, it was noted that she stated she was a widow and had no father recorded on your birth certificate. This could have potentially made you vulnerable to being taken away by the government. The policy of the time was to place children born to single mothers in care, and it is fortunate that this was not the outcome in your case.

This letter serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggles faced by those affected by forced adoption and the critical need for continued efforts to provide support and address these issues. Adoptees have the right to know their true identity and connect with their biological families, and it is imperative that the government implements effective legal reforms to make this a reality.

With heartfelt empathy and respect,

Shane Paul Bouel

(Born: Paul Allan Morley, Adopted: Roger Shane Blackwell)

It has been reported that Andrew Bolt, a conservative commentator in Australia, has publicly disputed the legitimacy of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s birth certificate.

From an adoptee standpoint disputing the legitimacy of a birth certificate for political gain or even bigotry is completely inappropriate. The legitimacy of a birth certificate is an important matter, as it is supposed to serve as legal proof of a person’s place of birth and who gave birth to them.

In Australia, birth certificates are issued by the relevant state or territory government and are based on information provided by parents or other close relatives at the time of birth. It is widely accepted that birth certificates are reliable and accurate records.

Spreading false or misleading information about someone’s birthplace or heritage for political or personal or other gain is inappropriate and can cause real harm.

As such, it is important for journalists, public figures and government representatives to hold themselves to high standards of accuracy and ethics in their reporting and public statements.

So I have questions!

Why even in today’s practice of adoption are original birth certificates and identities cancelled, withheld and replaced with a new government-issued certificate and identity that states the adoptive parents gave birth to their child?

Why don’t adoptees have a right to no fault no fee discharges?

How did Anthony Albanese MP use his father’s name even though it was not listed on his birth certificate?

Update: New letter sent 10th April 2024



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