The multiverse & collective consciousness?

Astronomers and scientists may have found evidence of parallel universes?

To many these past 12 months seem as if we have already slipped into a parallel universe. Just look at Covid & Trump for example. Who would have picked it? Well…

Nostradamus Wrote of Revolutions!

In the 1500s, Nostradamus wrote some of his verses called the ‘Quatrains’ based on the cyclic patterns of Jupiter and Saturn. He wrote of warnings involving revolutions and internal turmoil in nations around the world.

These uncountable realms sit side by side in higher dimensions that our senses are incapable of perceiving directly. Or are they?

What are these astronomers & scientists getting at?

The multiverse theory hinges on the quantum wave mechanics idea that all possible outcomes of any given scenario are all playing out at the same time in a layered reality of which we are only experiencing one layer.

At the same time, Physicists suggest quantum entanglement Holds DNA Together, Say This model suggests that quantum entanglement helps prevent the molecules of life from breaking apart.

The Bifurcation of Time, Point of Divergence, & Particle Conversion

Bifurcation means the splitting of a main body into two parts. In the mathematical study of change that occurs within a structure or space, bifurcation occurs when a parameter change causes the stability of an equilibrium (or fixed point in a field) to change. The comprehension of the mathematical change that is currently shifting the geometric value of frequency, which further, generates a bifurcation in the structure of time and space, is very relevant to us now. This is directly related to the forthcoming split occurring between timelines which govern our continued consciousness (energy) expression on the earth plane as it is moving into future time. Thus, the planetary fields and humanity are coming to experience the next phase of the planetary Ascension Cycle, 3d to 5D.

Point of Divergence

The lower the quality of overall energy, the more unstable and disconnected the personal and environmental experience on earth will become. The higher the quality of overall energy, the more stable and connected the personal and environmental experience on earth will become. The planetary collective energy field has many, many layers of intersection links which are building more access points into diagonal lines moving throughout interdimensional fields. These links make it possible to directly intersect into many different reality timelines, traveling in the past, present and future. This is called transdimensional time travel. The accumulative effect of gradually increasing frequency and changing instruction sets in many of the transdimensional time and space fields has reached a point of divergence. The culmination of reaching this point of divergence within trans-time and space is forcing the shift of the overall planetary energy field parameters. That pressure of force being applied in the planetary energy field is resulting in accumulative intensity and extreme polarity amplification. When the extreme polarity of combined forces that exist together within a collective energy field reaches its apex, a split occurs. This is called the point of divergence within the fixed point in the field (in the range of possibilities) of which a Bifurcation of Time transpires.

Particle Conversion

Particle conversion is described as the Separation of the “Timelines” within the Earth’s Field. This event was a progressive separation of the global particle fields. A new delineation of space and time in between the 3rd Dimensional consciousness and the next level of the Soul Matrix and its multidimensional consciousness.

Needless to say, adoptees are extremely well versed in Bifurcation, Divergence & Conversion.

This is where the significant long-term effects & issues of adoption are completely ignored, including infant separation, loss of identity and associated human rights and many many more.

We do not do well with adaptability, flexibility and neutrality in our life situation. Due to trauma, we lack the necessary skills needed to make adjustments in order to gain strength coming to terms with our loss. All people must take responsibility for the quality of their thoughts, behaviours, and actions that affect others. Especially those that impact the sanctity of the mother and child bond.

Ultimately we are forced into having to deal with situations that have multidimensional implications.

The Great Conjunction.

What’s Going To Happen: On December 21st of this year, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn coincidently will appear to almost merge in our night sky, appearing almost like one giant star to the visible eye. Many believe we are also transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a time of prosperity, truth, transparency and light, from a dark age that’s lasted thousands of years.

This year’s great conjunction also marks the first time in nearly 800 years since the planets aligned at night.

Many people thought something like this was going to happen on December 21st 2012, it didn’t. Many have suggested various other dates since then, and they usually correlate with great astrological events, like the one that’s set to take place on December 21st, 2020.

Some believe something big is going to happen, but based on previous predictions, nothing noticeable is going to happen. That being said, I am open to the idea of the possibility of some sort of event that’s truly special, but the idea of waiting for something to take place that will completely change the human experience as we know it. As an adoptee, my life to date just hasn’t resonated with me, although I wish it had.

These periods apparently mark a very important social psychological change in the life of individuals and the collective. Perhaps with empathy the right outlook, our truth of adoption will be brought into the light.

Finally, governments will be put on notice and society, in general, will not be able to keep the darkness over adoption and perpetuate or ignore its associated traumas.

The collective consciousness will not accept family separation.

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Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards…

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

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The sole purpose of Thoughtless Delineation is to lift standards of ethics & morality by promoting truth and denouncing the Conservancy of inhumane ideologies.

Thoughtless Delineation

The sole purpose of this publication is to lift standards of ethics by promoting truth and denouncing the conservancy of an inhumane ideologies.