White Noise Chronicles.

Echoes of Unseen Trauma & the Corruption of Biological Sacred Geometry

Shane Bouel
Thoughtless Delineation
2 min readApr 23, 2024


White Noise Chronicles. Echoes of Unseen Trauma & the Corruption of Biological Sacred Geometry
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In the labyrinth of adoption narratives, there exists a realm of unseen trauma, echoing through generations with whispers that pierce the soul. “White Noise Chronicles” delves deeper into these echoes, unravelling the intricacies of hidden battles fought within the shadows of societal norms and expectations. At the heart of this exploration are lies that corrupt biological sacred geometry, where the natural order of existence is disrupted, and souls are left adrift in a fragmented reality.

Unveiling the Unseen Trauma

The first chapter of this chronicle peels back layers of societal veneer to reveal the unseen trauma embedded in adoption experiences. It shines a spotlight on the silent wars waged within adoptees and birth families, where emotions are suppressed, identities fragmented, and wounds left unhealed. The corruption of sacred geometry becomes apparent as the harmonious patterns of existence are twisted into discordant shapes, reflecting the turmoil within.

Weaponized Trauma:

The Battle Within

The corruption extends to the weaponization of trauma, a covert warfare that weaponizes emotions, memories, and narratives to inflict deep-seated wounds. It explores how societal stigmas and prejudices act as ammunition, targeting vulnerable hearts with labels of “brokenness,” “ungratefulness,” and “otherness,” leaving scars that bleed silently. The once pristine geometry of identity becomes distorted, marred by societal judgments and systemic injustices.

Journey Through the Shadows

As the chronicle unfolds, it navigates the shadowy realms of identity crisis, familial estrangement, and existential questioning. It traces the journey of adoptees as they confront the ghosts of their past, grapple with the spectre of belonging, and seek solace in the midst of inner turmoil. The corruption of sacred geometry manifests in the fractured identities and shattered realities of those touched by adoption trauma, where the once clear lines of self and belonging blur into chaos.

Healing Amidst the Chaos

Amidst the chaos of unresolved trauma and corrupted sacred geometry, the White Noise Chronicles offers glimpses of hope and healing. It champions advocacy, education, and community support as beacons of light, guiding the way towards understanding, empathy, and transformative change. Through acknowledging the corruption and its impact, there emerges a path towards reclaiming lost harmony and restoring the balance of sacred geometry within the human experience.

A Call to Arms:

Voices Unite

In its essence, the “White Noise Chronicles” is a call to arms for voices to unite, stories to be heard, and traumas to be acknowledged. It beckons individuals, communities, and societies to stand together in solidarity, confront the silent wars within, and pave a path towards healing and reconciliation amidst the corrupted sacred geometry within adoption’s white noise.



Shane Bouel
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