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Behind and Beyond Bars

It’s time to put the “correct” in correctional facilities.

Virtual Lifers

Writings on the Wall

World’s Most Humane Prison

Naysayers and proponents of the “tough-on-crime” approach would probably oppose the improvement of public correctional facilities because it uses the taxpayer’s dollar to rehabilitate criminals. Corporations have turned private prisons into cash cows by keeping as many people behind bars at as little cost as possible. Repeat offenders are good for a company’s bottom line.

But if privatization in criminal justice remains a necessary evil, brands need to use technology, art, architecture and beauty to disrupt prisons and reduce recidivism rates instead of profiting from them. Perhaps a wiser way for companies to be involved in criminal justice systems is not to make money from incarcerating criminals but to focus on their ability to re-enter society once they’ve paid their dues and stepped back into the real world.



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