Resolutions 2016

Making them public this time so that at least this year I follow them. 
I am also dividing next year into 2 half’s to have more clarity on what I need to achieve. Here are the resolutions for first half of the year.

Jan-June, 2016

  • Speak less and listen more.
  • Take at least 1 MOOC all the time. Knowledge is readily available for free on Internet and it would be foolish not to utilise it.
  • Read at least 1 book all the time from different genre. Reading keeps your mind healthy.
  • Become a problem solver. Ideal developers are able to solve problems by using the best technology available instead of clinging on to any one.
  • Work for one NGO or some organisation at a time. The inner satisfaction you get by doing something good for the society doesn’t match any amount of money. Moreover, it adds variety to the daily monotonous schedule and pose new challenges in front of you.
  • Write problems, try solutions and release prototypes. Saying that most of the problems are solved is idiotic, there are enough problems waiting out there.
  • Running should become a daily habit. Find a hobby and pursue it. Healthy food is indispensable part of any fit lifestyle. No non-veg for first half of the year.
  • Travel!!. Don’t wait for right moment or companion, there is no perfect time to do something. Just Do It. Start with India. Go to at least 2 places you have never been before ALONE!!.

After following above for at least 2 months, I will come up with resolutions for next half year.

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