Stop cribbing —“startup rave party” is over, now lets back to our senses

So another billion dollar baby is out of the comfortable nappies of its VC?Reminded me of an interesting discussion with some friends few years back.

Couple of years ago, I received a call from a recruiter who was offering an insane salary (at least by my standards) as an iOS developer to work for well “now defunct” startup. Me — Are you kidding me, this is not justifiable by any standards, it doesn’t match my skill (maybe iOS developers are less in market but still !!), experience or anything!!

I discussed it with some of my friends and told them why I am apprehensive about this. The salaries these days don’t make any sense to me. Our parents worked hard for their whole life to earn similar amount or even less and these people are throwing copious amounts of money just like that. What is worse, is that they are not even profitable, only god knows where is this money coming from. Friends responded — “Why do you care, if they are giving just take it!!”. Nope, something doesn’t feel right.

Who is responsible for this mayhem? — VCs? Founders? or Employees?


It is very easy to blame only VCs and founders but employees are equally culpable for this if not more.


You should have thought where this money was coming from when

  1. you were showing off your insane packages to everyone, whether they were justifiable or not (You know very well inside!!)
  2. you were spending literally every weekend in that posh bar or restaurant (Yep, I have lived in Bengaluru, I know :P :P)
  3. most importantly, you were converting your greed into needs and buying everything and anything you could lay your hands on

Reminds me of a quote —


Well, here is a modified version from my side — “Buy and do things to satisfy your need NOT your GREED”.

Everyone (VCs, founders, employees) was grooving in the startup rave party when the music (VC money) was loud and nice but when the ball drops and music stops, everyone came back to their senses but WITH A SEVERE HEADACHE.

Do let me know your thoughts. Happy to engage in productive conversations.