Day 55

It’s just day 55 of me writing, but I was supposed to be at page 70 or something like that.

Unluckily once I left for the countryside with no internet connection I was too lazy to write something on my phone and as I stayed longer I lost the writing part from my daily routine.

Now I’m struggling to stay motivated and on track with my writing and I’m writing every other day.

After having lunch with my father today I decided I’ll be writing something about what I learn every day.

This morning I went out for a run and listened to some great music.

The only thing I learned today until now is that I need some external motivation to keep pushing forward.

So I guess that’s all for today, but I’m only halfway of my writing prompt today so I’ll talk about how inspiring and scary the book I finished reading yesterday was.

The book is called “The everything store” and is Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos biography.

This book scared me almost like Made in America by Sam Walton.

It talks about the life of a guy who dedicates himself to improve his customers experience. About a guy that is a billionaire, but tries to live in the simplest way possible.

The scary part is how ruthless and rational decisions are.

I also feel bad for all the employees that are working all day long, giving up time that they could spend staying fit or with their family to work on someone else’s dream and vision. Knowing that eventually he is going to fire you anyway to keep the working environment competitive.

See you tomorrow!