This time I forgot

It’s crazy how I keep forgetting to write my daily post.

I somehow feel like I don’t have anything smart to write at the moment.

In the last days I’ve been reviewing and practicing “advanced” aspects of HTML and CSS styling.

I learned a lot of things, but I don’t feel like writing about them.

I also got interested in what is going on between Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram recently introduced a stories function that copies Snapchat’s famous format of social interactions.

For some reason I can’t have access to these new features as they’re rolling out slowly to all the users, but all my friends with many followers told me that the engagement levels are super high compared to Snapchat and that there’s no reason to use it anymore as the total reach of posts is not worth the effort of creating it.

I realize that when I’ll start working this sort of changes will be meaningless compared to the innovations other tech companies are making.

These are only changes that “unicorn” companies are doing to their mass oriented products. But reading that at the moment Instagram makes merely 500m dollars in revenues every year is kind of funny.

So much hype around something that isn’t creating value to the world.

Probably my words today are complete nonsense, but I had to cook dinner and just finished eating so I didn’t have time to review my post and barely finished writing it.

I’m looking forward to dive deeper every day into a topic and write a technical book 250 words at the time.

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