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What I’ve Been Learning — March 2022

Over at Taught by Humans, a big part of our ethos is our love of learning. Learning tech-related things, yes, but also just constantly learning news things and improving on what we already know. Each month we are going to give a short update on what we’ve been learning — here’s mine for March 2021.

If I’m being honest, I’m not really sure where March went — I submitted my PhD thesis at the end of Feb, then was sick (two colds and an infected wisdom tooth) for three weeks. Followed by an amazing (and much needed) holiday to Barbados in the final week. So not a lot of learning has happened! (although learning to rest and relax is an important lesson for everyone)

My view for the last week of March — bliss!


I’m still full steam ahead with learning about all things crypto — I’m working through the SheFi curriculum (albeit a little bit behind), and in April I’ll be joining a more technical bootcamp called the Phoenix Group (TPG) to learn Solidity (the coding language to write Ethereum protocols).

SheFi is quite a chill way to there — there are weekly sessions on a particular topic, a smaller group session to ask questions and a very active Discord. I’ve been enjoying the calmer, self-directed pace. However, it’s very easy to fall behind (she says with 3 weeks to catch up on by Friday…)

TPG on the other hand has weekly tests (which you can only take once!) and is a lot more school-like in their curriculum. I’m looking forward to this challenge, and am currently busying myself in the pre-work.

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We are always learning, and want to share our passion for learning (about everything, not just tech) in this monthly blog series.



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