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Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start. Mine certainly is. New York City is truly a different place when the sun comes out. Anyone who lives here will surely know what I mean 😎 .

This week we have a double feature! Don’t miss both Episode 012 and 013 of The Jakt Journey video series below. In addition, check out three articles we loved this week, curated by the team. On the rare occasion when we don’t have any writings of our own, playing curator is a fun way to keep our newsletter fresh. Enjoy.

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Making Movies 🎬

Episode 012 and 013 of The Jakt Journey , by our CEO : Anthony Tumbiolo

In this Episode:
- Recharging in Miami
- Adding a new team member
- The future of video and social media
- Internal team meetings

In this Episode:
- Snow day in New York
- The importance of sleep
- Following up and staying top of mind
- More on coaching
- Innovation in media
- Ping pong with the team

Curates Reads 👓

☝️ These are things we’ve been thinking about this week.

The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews

Curated by Anthony Guidarelli

“Employers like to use free-form, unstructured interviews in an attempt to ‘get to know’ a job candidate. Such interviews are also increasingly popular with admissions officers at universities looking to move away from test scores and other standardized measures of student quality. But…interviewers typically form strong but unwarranted impressions about interviewees, often revealing more about themselves than the candidates.” Finding the right team members is our number one most important job at Jakt. As such we’re always trying to improve our process and we’ve written about the challenges of hiring and our approach before here. How does one truly get to know potential teammates while remaining unbiased AND ensuring candidates can do the required work? Using statistics, Jason Dana provides an interesting take on why “getting to know you” job interviews might reveal more about the interviewer than the candidate.

Full NY Times article

Growth Hacking Is Bullshit

Curated by Lauren Griffin

“Growth is the lifeblood of startups. Growth is what differentiates Snapchat from hipster coffee shops. It’s the difference between revenue-less Instagram and The New York Times. It’s why investors got excited about Yo, but worry about Apple.” We’re big on tracking metrics and ensuring the proof is in the pudding regarding the products we design and build at Jakt. But the data itself isn’t always the most important piece. Let’s say your data suggests users are spending most of their time on the homepage. Are they spending time there because it’s fantastic? Or are they spending time there because it’s confusing and they can’t figure out where to go next? Analyzing its growth, along with the growth of other startups, Intercom provides its view on what drives growth, suggesting that it runs much deeper into user experience and product than pure “growth hacking.” We agree.

Full Medium piece

Focus: The Ultimate Guide…

Curated by Anthony Guidarelli

“Focus and concentration can be difficult to master. Sure, most people want to learn how to improve focus and boost concentration. But actually doing it? We live in a noisy world and constant distractions can make focus difficult. “ Earlier this year I (Mike) provided my own take on developing more focus and consistency in 2017. We love James Clear’s comprehensive analysis and approach, specifically Warren Buffett’s “2 List” Strategy for Focused Attention . Check out the full article below.

Full article here

Events 🎟

TechDay New York

More information

Jakt is participating in TechDay New York, an event poised to bring in 500+ startups and 35,000 people, this Tuesday, April 18th. TechDay brings together “the entire tech community. Industry leaders, new startups, investors and tons of press”. If you’re in NYC, please send us a text @ +1 (646) 798–7433 and come say hello!

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