The Short Stack 🥞 Vol #19

First emailed to newsletter subscribers on April 29, 2017

Good Morning All ✌️

Happy Saturday!

Finishing up business trips through London and Miami, the entire Jakt squad was back in NYC this week. Yesterday marked our first monthly team recap, a meeting we started to get feedback from everyone before Anthony and I head into our monthly strategy session today. We love us a good weekend strategy session without distraction.

At the beginning of 2017, I wrote a blog post on developing focus and consistency this year and promised to give updates. My second update comes today, along with two new episodes of Anthony’s video series.

Trust your boy, there are some gems below. Read and watch on.


Thoughts 🗯

☝️ These are things we’ve been thinking about this week.

Developing Focus + Consistency — 119 Days In.
Contributed by Michael Saloio

Background — At the beginning of 2017, I set off on a journey to develop focus and consistency. I’ve always been a curious person, but lacking focus, I was anxious about time and worried that I’d become only “good enough” at a variety of stuff but never really great at anything. So at the beginning of the year, I decided to do something about it, and I wrote about it here.

My journey involved the following experiment. First, I took an honest look at my “consistent complaints,” including the ridiculous notion that I didn’t “have enough time” to achieve what I wanted to. Second, I examined my strong suits and determined that being curious, while excellent in many ways, also inhibited me in developing focus. Curiosity helped me develop a knack for moving on from interests and hobbies too quickly. Lastly, I made a plan. I’d attack three hobbies in 2017 by performing one at a time, each for 100 days in a row, rather than trying to be overly “balanced.” I started with learning Spanish, using the Duolingo app to practice for ten minutes each day. After Spanish, my plan was to move onto playing guitar for 100 days, followed by reading fiction for 100 days.

Today is the 119th day of the year. Here’s my latest update.

Making Movies 🎬

Episode 016 + 017 of The Jakt Journey, by our CEO Anthony Tumbiolo.

Inside the episode:

  • AirPods and the future of voice
  • Team breakfast
  • Monthly business recap and profit goals
  • Operational adjustments and improving efficiency

Inside the episode:

  • Mike becomes partner of Jakt (legally)
  • Recorded first Jakt podcast
  • Meeting about voice app prototyping

Reads 👓

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by Michael Saloio, our COO

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