The Short Stack 🥞 Vol #2

First emailed to newsletter subscribers on December 24, 2016

Good morning all ✌️

Mike here checking in.

Glad you decided to stick around. The positive feedback has been amazing so far and you have no idea how much everyone here at Jakt appreciates your support.

I hope everyone is having a treasured weekend with family and friends. We’ll be taking a break next week, so see ya in the New Year! This year has been amazing and we’re excited to share all of the new things we’ve been cooking up for 2017.

Happy Holidays! And pass the syrup.


Thoughts 🗯

☝️ These are things we’ve been thinking about this week.

1. We’re talking to “ourselves” on social.

During the election, the Twittersphere at Jakt was primarily filled with HRC supporters. And if you checked our social accounts in general, you wouldn’t find any huge demographic swings or significant difference in interests. Is this okay? It may start with reading outside our bubble, but how do we make it a point to start talking with people that don’t share our precise views? Speaking to someone with an opposing view can be a great learning experience and help us realize that our view is not THE view, but A view. We’ve been brainstorming ways to use technology to interact wth unlike-minded people. If you have any ideas, let us know.

2. Be Polite!

I attended a startup demo day a few weeks back and the panel of judges blew my mind. After each founder finished pitching, they were drilled with statements like —

You should be thinking about doing X instead of doing Y, That’s not how XYZ market works, You’re going to run into X challenge.

This isn’t how to address a entrepreneur. They’ve made it to demo day. They took the risk to start a company. Trust they know it better than you. The ability to ask penetrating, thought-provoking questions while being respectful is an under-appreciated skill. If you’re trying to attract and partner with talented, amazing people — It could start with being polite.

3. Don’t set out to build an app

A longtime friend of mine has what I think is an amazing idea for a company. He’s pulling together a business plan and I’m excited to see where he takes it. My #1 piece of advice thus far has been — don’t build an app. (Not just yet, anyway). This is an ongoing convo at Jakt. Before setting out to build something, one should think long and hard about who the users will be. What do they want? What will they want in the future? What makes them happy? Maybe they’d rather text. Maybe they’d rather deal with a human. In any case, finding a user’s “critical path” is the first step. I wrote an article about this here. Check it out and shoot me your thoughts.

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