The Short Stack 🥞 Vol #3

First emailed to newsletter subscribers on January 7, 2017

Good morning all ✌️


Happy New Year everyone! It’s been an insane first week back and we’re excited to kick-off 2017 with ya’ll.

There’s something invigorating about a fresh start. You can pull the “just another day” stunt but let’s face it, the new year makes us all reflect and think about where we’re headed.

At Jakt, we’re super excited about the future. So excited that we’re making our 2017 goals public. Check it out here.

The time is NOW.

✌️ Mike

Thoughts 🗯

☝️ These are things we’ve been thinking about this w

1. AI as a service.

Anthony has been ramping up on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Tweeting away about it. Tweets here. It’s important to have a point of view on AI and we share Fred Wilson’s sentiment that in 2017 “AI will be the new mobile. Investors will ask management what their ‘AI strategy’ is before investing and will be wary of companies that don’t have one.” What are your thoughts on AI? Anthony thinks that “In the future, integrating AI into a product will be similar to integrating any third party API (think Twilio). Every company won’t need to do the heavy lifting and create the core algorithms themselves. Instead, companies will look to integrate third-party AI providers into their product. The magic will remain in the user experience, and in integrating AI in a way that’s useful and frictionless for the end user.” Expect to hear more from us on this topic soon.

Energy and transit.

The global state of energy consumption makes it easy to worry, and for good reason. Air pollution, climate change, water and food shortages… yikes! While the negative headlines continue to roll in, there are more and more incremental positives bubbling beneath the surface — specifically in commuter transit. It’s not just Uber, Google and Tesla talking about autonomous and energy efficient vehicles. And it’s not just in Silicon Valley. Have you heard of Ford’s “Smart Mobility” subsidiary, created in March 2016? How about Lynk & Co. (Berlin) or Local Motors(Boston)? The secular trend toward energy efficient transit IS happening, and greater investment from VCs and big corporates is encouraging. But it could be happening much quicker in our view, and constructive press could help swing the current mood. We think drawing attention to some of the smaller companies out there driving change in energy consumption is a good start. Solid primer here.

Who the F is reading this?

No but seriously, who are you!? We’ve received awesome feedback on these newsletters so far. And it appears you’ve been circulating it. So thanks a million 🙏 . We know many of you personally, but we’d love to know about everyone in our growing community. Are you an investor or entrepreneur? A creative? A friend? Whoever you are, you’re obviously super cool 😎 . So let’s get up! Literally. Let’s chat, get coffee, or better… pancakes on Saturday morning! Book a spot on our calendar and let’s get to know each other.

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