The Short Stack 🥞 Vol #5

First emailed to newsletter subscribers on January 21, 2017

Good morning all ✌️

Oh hey there,

Hope everyone’s weekend is off to an amazing start. There’s a frenzy of activity here in NYC and it’s great to see people mobilizing and building community around important issues.

This weekend is certainly one for the history books. If you’re out protesting, keep it safe! We have no idea what the future holds, but we do know the only way to get there is together.

✊ ,

Thoughts 🗯

☝️ These are things we’ve been thinking about this week.

1. The “Old” Economy…

With help from Stephanie Golik

We saw this post by Hunter Walk at Homebrew a few weeks back and have been talking about it since. Publicized in the WSJ and NYT too, the theme is that “old economy” companies like GE will acquire more startups in 2017 than tech giants like Google. This is encouraging on multiple fronts and we’re big believers that this Internet thing has barely touched a large percentage of the economy. The consumer cases are more obvious. This week we were introduced to “The Warby Parker for wedding dresses”, a real business taking profit share away from a sleepy old supply chain that’s been slow to innovate. But what about industries outside consumer? What might the supply chain at General Motors look like with greater flexibility in vendor selection? What if the freight industry were Uber-ized? The Internet isn’t limited to any industry, valley or product. It’s a platform for connectivity. Further, tech-enabled business need human capital, too. We’re bullish on innovation being the biggest job creator over the next 10 years and not the other way around.

1. …the New Lab

With help from Armaan Gupta

Yesterday we visited New Lab, “a multidisciplinary design & technology center” located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Our minds… blown. Launched in September 2016, New Lab is an ecosystem of design, engineering, and prototyping resources for growth stage companies. At a massive 84,000 square feet, it currently houses 50+ companies challenging big problems — think farming, transportation, energy and better urban environments — using technology from A.I. to robotics. Once a warehouse where WWI ships were built stands one of NYC’s most innovative spaces. Incredible! We’ve never seen anything like it and were left feeling hopeful and inspired. What other places in the U.S. could we foster an environment like this? How many new jobs could be created in innovative industries? Big shout to Meetra Javed, Experience and Operations Lead at New Lab, for a great tour and for curating an innovative community of next-gen builders.

3. Community building at Jakt.

Our community efforts are underway at Jakt and we’re hosting our first “No Agenda” dinner this coming week. It’s a private invite-only event 😎 . But you’re part of the team! If interested in attending give us a shout, we’d LOVE to put you on the list. The No Agenda concept is simple — bring great people from different backgrounds and careers together over dinner, with no agenda. Ryan Leslie and I (Mike) started the concept while working on SuperPhone and we’re growing it in 2017. You might find that some of life’s best experiences and opportunities come by meeting people outside your day to day routine. So come break bread with us! Expect entrepreneurs, creators, investors, artists, musicians and more.

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