Career Paths 2018 Preview — Part Two

It’s almost time for Design Career Paths Part II on April 19th!

We’re incredibly excited to learn about the successes, failures, and decisions that shaped the careers of leaders in the industry. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Get it here before it’s gone.

Leading up to the event, we wanted to get you a bit more familiar with our panelists and speakers. In this second part of our preview, we’ll focus on our panelists: Helen Tran, Sarah Kuehnle, Trina Boos, and Jeremy Bell.

Helen Tran

Previously, Design Lead @ Shopify 🛍

After 4 years at Shopify, Helen is now currently designing her own products as well as helping other entrepreneurs. On top of that, she’s also teaches, writes for her blog, and makes frequent appearances on podcasts. Did we also mention her crazy hikes and amateur fitness athlete side life? 🙌🏻


Sarah Kuehnle

Director of Product, Dribbble 🏀

Sarah Kuehnle is equal parts designer/developer/illustrator, and now Head of Product at Dribbble. Previously at companies like Strava, Superpedestrian, and Linden Labs, we haven’t had a panelist this multi-talented before!

Her amazing illustrations

Trina Boos

Founder, Boost Agents 🚀

Trina has started two successful businesses, worked in one of Canada’s largest ad agencies, and have led Boost Agents, a recruitment agency for the past 6 years. All this while being a mother of 3. Colour us impressed! 💪🏼

Boost Agents
Interview with Trina

Jeremy Bell

Previously, Partner Teehan + Lax
VP Design, Connected Lab 🤖

Previously a partner at Teehan + Lax (who hasn’t heard of them?), Jeremy Bell now leads design at Connected Lab, an agency focused on building better products through applying new technologies (voice and chat to AI and machine learning).

Jeremy on Twitter
Connected Lab
Connected Lab on Medium

See you there on April 19th!

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