DesignX Discussions: What’s your crowning achievement?

Every week, we pose a question to our members to shake up the conversation and give everybody a chance to be involved. This is the recap of our #TopicOfTheWeek

One thing we’ve noticed about designers is that we’re usually not the first to brag about their work. But let’s be real: there’s some amazing work being done out there, and we should be a bit more excited to share what we create.

To get our community of kick-ass designers talking about their latest and greatest, we posed the very simple question in our #TopicOfTheWeek channel: what project has been your crowning achievement? And boy oh boy, did our members show off some incredible work. Here are just a few of the projects that were shared.

Gold medal designs

Stuart Thursby, now Founder of the newly-minted Stack Creative, helped create a campaign for the Canadian Olympic Committee at the London Olympics while an Art Director at Proximity Canada.

Much like the Olympians, Stuart knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and jumped at the chance. Below are a few pieces from the campaign, and here’s the complete case study.

Two of the ads Stuart created
Bringing the designs to life!

Championing a champion

But, athletes and gold-medalists aren’t the only heavy-hitters we discovered this week. Beena Mistry had one hell of a humblebrag that may take the cake:

Yes, Beena illustrated a Google Doodle. Amazing, right? The Doodle celebrated the 246th Birthday of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, who championed equal rights while India was under British rule in the 1700s. Want to learn more about Beena’s Doodle? Check it out for yourself.

Beena’s incredible Doodle, celebrating Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s 264th birthday

Designing a better Toronto

Not one to be outdone, Vanessa Toye shared two pieces of work, and both are uniquely awesome.

The first project was a logo and signage for Kiin, a Thai restaurant here in Toronto. Apparently, the restaurant owners loved the work so much that they actually cried when they first saw designs and wood-carved signs that Vanessa designed with Kevin Lajeunesse.

Head to Kiin in Toronto to see Vanessa and Kevin’s work in person

Vanessa’s second prized project was an incredible task, designing a consultation tool to explain new regulations around short-term rentals (ie., Airbnb) for the City of Toronto. While it’s not a something we expected to hear about, it’s no surprise why Vanessa was compelled to share this one. Check it out for yourself!

Which project holds a special place in your portfolio? Whether it’s a old favourite from your college days, a side project that you’ve recently launched, or an award-winner like Ariana’s, we wanna hear about it! Share your links in the comments below.

And of course, if you’re looking to get to know some fellow designers from the community in Toronto or NYC, join us on Slack and say hey!