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What are your thoughts around major rebrands and redesigns?

After Slack’s update, we got to talking about the process.

Every now and then, companies pull a Beyoncé and drop a new logo or an entire rebrand overnight. Often, they’re followed by a Twitter frenzy or (in our case) threads on threads of Slack posts burning up the DesignX channels. When Slack surprised us with a brand new logo, it was no different. Everyone had an opinion, both positive and negative, and as it goes, we’d like to recap some of the conversations.

Sometimes a logo redesign or an overall rebrand is more about the product than its users.

What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?

Often, the loudest voices in the interwebs are negative. What might prevent backlash post rebrand? Is there any way to mitigate criticisms?

Let’s not forget that time the Gap tried to pull a fast one on us but went back to their previous logo after an uproar. There was also Uber, MasterCard, Airbnb…

Even traditional fashion brands with long histories and classic logos are updating their styles to modern serifs and minimalistic treatments.

It even extends to political marketing. These days, everything has a brand and a voice. Brand names get font changes and campaign slogans get type art treatments.

…which brings us to the commercialization of cheap designs, AI powered logo makers, and other such easy-peasy, click-and-drag design tools for the masses.

DesignX-ers debated over the good and bad aspects of sites like 99designs and Fiverr. At face value, they provide opportunities for designers to practice the craft and customers to browse through what’s available and at what price. On the other hand, by placing so many designers in a single marketplace and creating contests for quick and cheap designs, it devalues the end product and takes away from sufficient time that should have been invested into proper research in order to get the best possible result. What do YOU think about these logo design solutions?

Before we digress too far away from the topic at hand, let us leave you with a LOL-torical question: what colours would YOU use if you were a big corporation looking to upgrade your logo?

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What about you? What are your thoughts on major rebrands and redesigns? If you were on the team, how would you handle them differently? Share your ideas below or join our Slack group and connect with other like-minded creatives in your community.



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