Daddy Derek: The Wiseau-Tier filmmaker and his fall from viral fame to viral hatred.

I Hate Everything is a youtube channel, where one person (who is particularly skilled in making videos) highlights things he “Hates”. Most of the time he really just states his opinions and problems about something. Like with the I Hate Furries video he says:

Sure, if you break it down it goes against what most people would consider normal,and it is DANGEROUSLY close to being bestiality, but like my brony video I have to land on the “I just dont give a shit” side of things…

Soon after he burst into popularity, he started a series called Search for the Worst.

For years I have been wondering what the worst movie of all time is. So I have started this new series that explores, compares and reviews only the worst of the worst garbage movies. Together, we are going to find the worst movie ever made, to settle this once and for all. Welcome, to the Search For The Worst

It’s a series of film reveiws where he looks for the “worst film of all time” by sorting through IMDB’s lowest ratings. One of the latest films he did in the series was Cool Cat Saves the Kids. It’s a very odd film with Savage’s attempt at creating a child-friendly-character-mascot-thing franchise starting with several books and moving onto film. Cool Cat is kind of like McGruff the Crime Dog, or the Mascot for D.A.R.E but, way more cringey. The plot of the film is mixed, and the movie gets a good laugh if you are watching it with friends. The reveiw that got it popular was from a canadian youtuber called YourMovieSucksDOTOrg who got his start reveiwing several films that frankly, sucked. Because there was a lot of serious talk going on with his channel because he was doing a full analysis of Synecdoche, New York he decided to do a multi-part YMS about a film he had already been joking about on his gaming channel, Cool Cat Saves the Kids. The reveiw went viral to say the least, soon a handful of other youtubers reveiwed the film with little to no repurcussions, actually, the official Cool Cat youtube channel commented on all of these reveiws making fun of this film. Derek seemed to be such a good sport about it all that people actually wanted to support him by buying “Cool Cat Loves You!” T-Shirts and purchasing the DVD of the movie. My friends and I were even gonna have a cool cat night where we order T-Shirts, and wear them as we watch the movie.

Then it began…

I Hate Everything uploaded Cool Cat Saves The Kids — The Search for the Worst November 5th, last thursday. I didnt watch the reveiw in time to see it in HD before Derek Savage pulled something that made him fall from grace completely. Derek Savage, creator of Cool Cat the Anti-Bullying flagged the IHE reveiw of his film for copyright infringement and bullied Alex, the owner of IHE. Nevermind, that fair use has been a lawful copyright defense since 1976. Nevermind, that the YMS reveiw is still up. Nevermind, that reacting to it well would have gotten Derek more money than he could hold. No, because taking what is essentially legal action against a youtuber is the answer.

IHE soon made a update video essentially reacting to what had happened:

Daddy Derek basically started a massive shitstorm on Twitter and IHE’s email, trying to claim victim, while I cannot show Derek’s tweets directly many screenshots have been saved:

Then the latest “update” video was uploded not too long ago, publicly unmasking Derek Savage to the internet created lynch mob waiting to happen.

The emails sent to IHE are filled to the brim with very salty tasting words:

Your 2nd and 3rd STRIKE is about to come on you real quickly! I’ll make sure the 4th and 5th hit you too!
Last night I filed “Harassment Charges” against you and your youtube channel with youtube’s legal divison.
Are you really that Stupid?! You Copyright infringed my movie, you attacked me, you brought this ALL on yourself. So fuck you!

These are only samples of the kind of language and accusations made towards IHE in the now released emails. I hate to sound so biased, but IHE and many others against Savage right now are in the right, and Savage is just extremley incorrect about the law and morality.

Derek if you are reading this, dry your eyes, make up with the reveiwers you wronged, and get a little humility. Either that or complain over in the Tumblr Hugbox and see if they will back you up.

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
Marcus Aurelius

Support by signing this petition and catch the original IHE reveiw here. The other videos will be uploaded to the same page/account in case things don’t get sorted out.