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Inspiring story of a teen girl…

Who is shot by a gun for going to school.

Yes, you guessed it right. I am referring Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year girl who was shot by Taliban for going to a school in Pakistan.

This can be a shocking to girls like us(from a family which is ready to spend money and time for a girl on her education and other things)who have all the possible facilities and amenities at our disposal but to think or consider the other side of the coin is a little disheartening.

Imagine a world, clouded by the fear of distrust, the atmosphere completely covered with hatred and people who discourage , demotivate and worst avoid the whole being of a GIRL. Well, to just imagine this gives me a nightmares. But, there are girls from such environment who are willing to stake their lives, their entire being for a single most precious thing ‘SCHOOLING’(Precious for them).

From such a background, there comes a girl ‘Malala’: She calls herself ‘The happiest girl in the world’, because she is fighting and supporting a cause that is close to her and millions of girls around the world.

From her speech, while receiving the Nobel Peace prize for the year 2014, I could see the determination and the courage she has as she calls herself a crusader who never gives up.

I am here to stand up for their rights, to raise their voice… It is not time to pity them. It is time to take action so it becomes the last time that we see a child deprived of education.

I am awed by the power she has in her words and the clarity of her thoughts on this issue. She has an aura when she speaks about this. To see a teen ager lik this gives me goosebumps. Makes me feel if I were in a situation like that what would have I done? Will I too have the same courage to speak up and stand by my decision. I guess not or may be I would have.. Its difficult to say.

That is where I will begin, but it is not where I will stop.
I will continue this fight until I see every child in school.

I hope and wish this courage and this decision to stand by is followed by many other girls like you and I just pray and hope your cause succeeds. Wish you the best of all times and congrats on being awarded the Alfred Nobel Peace prize-2014.

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