25 & Loving Snapchat!

Being 25 and using Snapchat on a regular basis would not surprise me at all anymore! Not so long ago (a couple of month) I decided to download snapchat and join the millennial society. Honestly I never thought I would use it that much and I didn’t. Also the idea just promoted sharing ridiculous content and it seemed like I didn’t have time for that. All that came to an end and when I moved from Cairo to San Diego all that changed.

I had so much going on, a lot of changes taking place and I wanted to share it with my friends. I could have done that on Facebook, but it with just too much hassle and I am always conscious of how much and what I share on Facebook and at the same time I had so much I wanted to just add to my timeline. Snapchat was just the perfect place for that. When I share my posts they felt so much cooler, my natural self and personal. I could be funny, add ridiculous painting and play around with Emjois and it gave all the moments I share a more expressive feel with my friends. I didn’t need to put much thought into a post neither did I worry if I was posting too much. I just noticed that Snapchat is great for our generation as so much is going on and we are constantly travelling more, attending more events and we just wish to share that with friends and the world sometimes (Snapchat stories). I believe that is why Snapchat has become of huge interest to our generation. It just fits well with the speed of things. We quickly see snips of content, learn about it and move on to the next thing. As I used Snapchat more, I started looking at the different events and countries Snapchat featured each day. They are a good way for people to see how different places on this planet we dearly love looks like. I recall how Tel Aviv was featured once and twitter went nuts, the very next day we got to see Palestine featured on Snapchat. That is a very special thing! Getting to see the world through phones of everyday humans of the world. Maybe your next travel plan could be inspired by the snaps of Istanbul or Bali.

Snapchats Snap Stories
Snapchat puzzles

One more recent feature I am loving on Snapchat is their own snaps stories in the discover section (The one with the black & white logo). Monitoring it closely and on a daily basis, I see a possible future for this generation to like these snaps more and more. It is like opening up a magazine but a random one. I enjoy it typically in my breaks or waiting for my meal. It is cheerful and reflects the attitude of the youth. It has games, or nice little articles and videos about artists, random news and just cool ideas to share with your friends. These posts just give you easy ideas and ways to have fun when connecting with your friends. We want to express more and just enjoy it. These snaps just help make this possible. Or playing these puzzle games and then just showing it off to your buddy who replies back wit a ridiculous Emjoi! The youth wants to have fun with content he creates, receives or shares. Recently with the campaigns for the elections here in the US Snapchat had filter for people to express their love. It was fun and it was news! It provided expression and freedom of speech and that is what the millennial generation is all about.

All these are good reason that the current and more of the new generation is going through a migration process to the fun, expressive and silly Snapchat.

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