Story about my last love

I fall in love rarely. In my entire life I fell in love only a few times (less than five I think). Greeks uses few words to describe different types of love. Four main words are:

  • Agápe — means “love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.”
  • Éros — means “love, mostly of the sexual passion.”
  • Philia — means “affectionate regard, friendship” usually “between equals.”
  • Storge — means “love, affection” and “especially of parents and children”

Storge and Philia are the words which best describes my type of love. All girls which I love they are the result of close friendship.

I met her ten months ago…

History of this friendship is little random. I met her in the cafe where she worked. I’ve been in this cafe every week at a meetings with my friends. She was very open and friendly person. She is also studying together with my friend. After our first meeting I not even remember his name. I like this kind of people: opened and friendly, especially that the people in my country they are rather closed.

Weeks passed and we became friends. She joined to our group of friends. I invited her to my little party. I had a birthday that day but I didn’t say that when I invite her. She gave me a bottle of whiskey which just came to party. She had a birthday a week later I gave her a bottle of whiskey too.

I really like movies. In November I began to organize “Movie nights” once or twice per month. Sometimes she comes. Weeks passed and I got to kow her little more. After 6 months I thought she is not my type.

I’m laughing from that because once when I tell one story to colleague from my work, he suggested something and I answered him, that she’s cool I like her, but she is not in my type. Oh, How I was wrong! I discover that she also likes an art like me. She likes movies, she reads blogs which I know. She has good sense of humor. She is little crazy, likes adventures, hitchiking and other weird things. And the most important thing: she behaves differently alone. In May we spent few days together and I met her from the other side.

One week in May


Everything started by broken laptop of her friend from college. She asked me do I have a soldering iron. I tell her that my colleague works earlier in computer service and he can look at it. Between the lines she also asked do I organize a movie night or playing in the board games in the near feature. Few days later on a Wednesday I wanted to watch a theater play at student’s culture festival organized by her university. Eariel I saw on the facebook that she was interested. I asked her about it, but she’s replied that she’s not feel too good. Despite this she asked me about my office address and she wanted me to visit at office. She also offers that she can cook me something good :) That was very kind.


We met the next day in the mall near my office. We ate dinner together and talk. We talked about my shanties-lovers cruise which I attended few weeks ago. She told me about her holidays plans: hitchhiking through the country. She just return from her hitchhiking journey to the Netherlands and Germany. I like travelling and activities like this, I like active rest, I can’t do nothing at holiday if I have a free time. So when she asked me if I join to her, without thinking I said yes. She told me some her thoughts about love; that she doesn’t believe in love at first sight and believes in compromises and matching of partners. She asked me what I think about love, I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing.


In next evening we met at movie marathon night organized by her university. It was cold so we went after first movie.


In next day was a “Museum Night” in my city. She was in the work, but after work she send me invitation on the facebook to the one event, but after few minutes she resigned from this idea.


Sunday was a last day of student’s culture festival. I didn’t know she’s going on it. I send her message about one hour before the event, but she didn’t reply. I was late about 5 minutes because I was looking for the entrance to the campus. Ding. I got message, she asked me whether I am here. We met few minutes later and we went to the nearby kebab to order the fries.

Later, we returned to the campus and we start to watching the movie. After the movie we were looking for the returning tram or bus, but only the night trams and buses were available. I suggested to drive to the one biggest station by the public city bikes. That was her first ride on the bike which has a brake when you pedaling in the opposite direction and she often do this and braking. That was pretty funny ride :)

To be continued…