Think you can be a journalist?

Many people think being a journalist is more leisure than work. A lot of people think you get to meet and party with all the celebrities to get their story. This may be somewhat true but what people don’t know is it takes alot of hard work, dedication, studying and practicing the proper writing techniques. Some of the main elements are journalism are keeping it truthful always, be loyal to the citizens, and must be able to criticize and compromise when writing.

Many people want to be a journalist or think they got what it takes! To be honest most people don’t even know what it takes to be a journalist. First it takes inspiration, wanting to achieve something and going for it is the main goal. Being inspired to write, brainstorming, and always writing when new ideas come when you come across new people and ideas. Another main focus in becoming a journalist is education by taking classes that will help you with your publishing, writing, and editing for the web. Some of the electives for these classes consist of photo editing, branding yourself, video production, and developments in Web or Graphic Design.

Being one of the best journalist also require for you to be located in prime time area where journalism is released and sourced. New York happens to be one of the most popular states to have a journalist career, other cities include Los Angeles, Atlanta, and D.C. Having a job as a journalist you can either do your work by broadcasting or printing. By Broadcasting you would be either on the t.v or radio, while printing is more for a newspaper or magazine like The New York Times.

The main thing to do to be a great journalist is to be equal with both aspects of it. Instead of just being able to just go on television and be a journalist its also good to know how multi-tasking can impact your skills by reflecting your story on the web doing your own layout and design as well. Journalist must be about to always have pen, paper, recording, and stay focused when wanting new ideas or stories to present. As a journalist you must always be able to learn how to think, as well as know how to learn.

Credits : Brian Williams