Bhava Phala Praveshika — 10: Randhra Bhava (8th House)

Spleen disorder

Saravali 34.74.The native will suffer from pulmonary and spleen disorders apart from tuberculosis, if the Moon is hemmed between malefics, as Saturn occupies the 7th House.
  • This is an important principle which introduces the subject of determining health troubles from the horoscope.
  • There are few factors that need to be seen to determine the diseases that a native will be afflicted with-
  1. Bhava mapped to specific body part
  2. Karaka of the body part
  3. Afflicting Graha
  • When the Bhava and the Karaka mapped to a body part are afflicted, then the native is afflicted by a disease in that body part. There could be numerous possibilities for diseases in the afflicted body part. Here, the kind of diseases can be known from the afflicting Graha.
  • In this particular example, affliction of Moon and the 7H by Saturn causes pulmonary, spleen disorders and tuberculosis. Saturn is predominant in Vata and is cold in nature. Moon rules the watery element (or fluids) in the body and aspect of Saturn on the Lagna from the 7H indicate the native will suffer troubles pertaining to vitiation of watery element in the body due to cold and airy Saturn.

Phlegmatic disorders, emaciated body

Saravali 34.75. (1) Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navāńśa, the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders. (2) Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rāśi having identical longitudes, the native will be emaciated at all times.
  • Moon rules the watery element in the body or the Sleshma Dhatu.
  • It is not understood why exchange between Sun and Moon in the Navamsa cause phlegmatic disorder. What happens if the exchange happens in the Rasi chart? Exchange between Sun and Moon indicate the Sun is placed in Moon’s sign and Moon is placed in Sun’s sign.
  • It appears that the vitiation of watery element by Agni causes the phlegmatic disorder.
  • On the other hand, conjunction of Sun and Moon in a sign having identical longitude indicate birth in the peak of Amavasya. This cause emaciation of the body as watery element is dried up by the association of fiery Sun. This appears that the yoga is effective even when there is no connection with the Lagna.

Loss of eye

Saravali 34.76. Should the 8th, 2nd, 6th and the 12th be, respectively, occupied by the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the native will lose his eyes due to the affliction caused by the strongest of the two.
  • Eyes are governed by the Sun and the Moon. The left eye is governed by the Moon while the right eye is governed by the Sun. Similarly, 12H governs the left eye while the 2H governs the right eye.
  • The governorship of the left and right eye are reversed in female nativity.
  • In this combination the Graha bhava combinations are (1) Sun- 8H, Moon- 2H, (2) Mars- 6H, Saturn- 12H
  • Sun in the 8H aspecting the 2H with Moon and Mars in the 6H aspecting Saturn in the 12H. Moon and Saturn in the 2H and 12H and affliction of Sun being placed in the 8H; all these combinations indicate that the native will lose his eyes due to the strongest among Mars and Saturn. Mars indicate violence (accidents, injuries etc.) and Saturn indicate diseases.
  • In general whenever Sun and Moon are jointly afflicted by Mars and Saturn, the native can lose eyesight. This can be happen in some of the following ways-
  1. Sun and Moon conjoined and hemmed between Saturn and Mars
  2. Sun and Moon are jointly aspected by Saturn and Mars
  3. Sun and Moon are conjoined with Saturn and Mars
  4. Saturn is placed in 4H from Mars and Sun and Moon placed in between Mars and Saturn
  5. Saturn and Mars are in the sign of Sun and Moon i.e., Leo and Cancer and Sun and Moon are weak

Ear defects, Dental troubles

Saravali 34.77. (1) If malefics occupy the 6th, 11th, 3rd and 5th, the native will suffer from ear defects, provided there are no aspects from benefic planets. (2) Malefics in the 7th unaspected by benefics will produce dental afflictions.
  • Ear troubles are indicated by the 3H-11H combination. 3H rules the ears while 11H rules hearing.
  • Malefics occupying the 3H and 11H indicate that the native’s ears and hearing, both will be afflicted. The malefics are Saturn-Mars-Rahu-Ketu. Since Rahu-Ketu are always placed in the 7H from each other, they need to be placed in the 3–11 axis while the remaining two malefics Saturn and Mars be placed in the 5H and 6H. Sun should also be considered a malefic in the health matters.
  • In addition, if malefics are placed in the 5H and 6H, it aggravates the trouble. From the 5H, the malefics aspect the 11H, aggravating the hearing trouble. In addition 6H is also linked to the hearing loss as 6H and 11H are related due to Bhavat-Bhavam principle i.e., 6th from 6H is 11H. Similarly 3rd from 3H is 5th, which should be under malefic affliction.
  • Malefics in the 7H indicate dental affliction. It is not clear why teeth is governed by the 7H. Perhaps we need to understand human anatomy vis-à-vis Jyotish more than what is known now.
  • It is known that Sun is karaka for all bones in the body. For bone related troubles, Sun should be afflicted. Affliction by Mars/ Ketu= breakage, injuries. Affliction by Saturn/ Rahu= pain, disease, decay.
  • The mentioned troubles of hearing loss or dental troubles are alleviated if the key houses (11H for hearing and 7H for dental troubles) are aspected by benefics.

Mental problem

Saravali 34.78. (1) There will be diseases of the mind, if Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Mars is in the 5th or the 9th. (2) Alternatively, Saturn, while being in the Ascendant should be conjunct decreasing Moon to cause the said effects.
  • Most of the health troubles in the world are caused by Saturn and Mars, the reason being that these 2 Grahas are the Karaka of the 6H of diseases, attacks, injuries, battles, litigations etc. The trouble manifesting from the 6H always have an external origin, i.e., attacks or injuries caused by external agents. In This matter Rahu behave like Saturn and Ketu like Mars.
  • Among the 2 Karakas of the 6H, Saturn causes diseases while Mars causes injuries (physical, mental). When these 2 Grahas Jointly influence a Bhava, they have the potential of causing diseases or injuries to the living relations of the Bhava. However, if there are benefic Grahas influence the Bhava by placement, aspect on the Bhava (or the lord) or the Bhavesha is placed in strength, then the diseases may not manifest or get cured fast.
  • In the matters of health or diseases, one should note the sign being influenced i.e., whether it is movable, fixed or dual. The affliction to movable signs can be remedied easily. On the other hand affliction to fixed signs can’t be remedied (or remedied with great effort). The dual signs are somewhere in the middle.
  • The intelligence is jointly ruled by Lagna and the 5H and the native’s psychology (state of mind, likes, dislikes etc.) are governed by the 5H. The 9H is also important in this matter as it is the 5th from the 5H as per Bhavat-Bhavam principle.
  • When Saturn afflicting the Lagna (neecha sthana and maraka-karaka-avastha) and simultaneously influences by Mars by aspect, the native can have mental diseases.
  • Similarly, Mars in the 10H (mind) aspecting Saturn placed in the lagna (say in weak or enemy sign), the native may have agitated or unstable mind. Saturn placed in own or friendly sign is likely to protect the Lagna, so in my opinion will not cause the disease.
  • Saturn in the Lagna and Mars in the Trine afflicting the 5H can cause mental disease. Mars in the 5H can cause agitated mind while Saturn in the lagna can cause solitude and isolation.
  • Moon is the Karaka of the mind and affliction of Moon by two or more malefics and Moon itself weak in paksha-bala or positional weakness such as debility (Sc) or enemy sign (Saturn, Mercury) can cause depression or dejection. At the same time if Lagna is afflicted by Saturn (sorrow, pessimism, lethargy, dull-wittedness), the mental problems are aggravated.
  • Thus, Kalyanavarma says that Saturn simultaneously afflicting both the Lagna and the Moon can give a very depressive mind, pessimism and dejection.

Disposition of 8L & longevity

Phaladeepika 16.21. Persons in whose nativities the lord of the 8th house is posited in a house other than a Kendra and is also weaker than the lord of the Lagna should be declared to be long-lived and free from anxieties, obstacles and miseries.
  • The 8H is a very tricky house as this governs over both important positive and negative portfolios in life. While it governs over all misfortune and crisis being the 12H from the 9H of fortune, it also governs over longevity.
  • For longevity 3H is also important as it is 8H from the 8H, hence become governor of the longevity according to bhavat-bhavam principle.
  • The 8L should not be placed in the Kendra i.e., Lagna, 4H, 7H and 10H, as it indicate misfortune in that area of life.
  • It is advisable to have Lagna lord stronger than the 8L for the native to overcome over all misfortunes i.e., anxieties, obstacles and miseries.
  • For long-life, the 8L should be placed in strength as its weakness can adversely affect longevity. My Jyotish tradition teaches that 8L should be placed in the Kendra from the 8H viz., 8H-11H-2H and 5H for the native to enjoy long life. However, placement of 8L in the mentioned houses is not conducive to the matters of 11H of gain, 2H of wealth and 5H of progeny. So, where should the 8L be placed to have long life but not misfortune?
  • Ideally 8L should be placed in the mentioned bhavas but it should be aspected by natural benefics which cause protection to the significations of the bhava i.e., gain, wealth etc.

Some important yogas from Dr. BV Raman’s Hindu Predictive Astrology

Short life (1): 8th lord is in the 12th house with a malefic.
  • 8H= longevity, 12H= loss. However, 12H is in trine to the 8H and hence a friendly sign.
  • For longevity matters one should look at the placement of 8L from its own sign. Kendra= Long, Panaphara= Middle and Apoklima= Short.
  • With all positive things, lord of life placed in the house of loss cause loss of life causing short-life. However, benefic influences on 8L should increase the lifespan and bring out the positive side of the sign falling in the 12H (friend to 8L)
  • Since 12H is Panaphara from the 8H, In my opinion this should indicate middle lifespan if there are benefic influences on the 8L in 12H.
Short life (2): Lagna lord and 8th lord join in the 6th house.
  • 8L in the 11H from its own sign i.e., Panaphara should indicate middle lifespan, however, since 6H is not a good house, it is dropped to short.
  • However, if the 8L is well placed in the 6H (say for Libra Lagna), 8L Venus exalts in the 6H, the longevity can be increased by one compartment i.e., to middle lifespan.
Short life (3): All the malefics occupy the 8th house.
  • Placement of malefics in the 8H is highly detrimental to longevity. The situation is worse if one of them is debilitated.
  • Similarly Moon in the 8H although a benefic will curtail longevity as it attains debility in the natural 8H Sc.
Long life (1): Lagna lord occupies benefic bhavas with the 8th lord.
  • There are 3 keepers of longevity, Lagna Lord, 8L and 10L. If all these three lords of longevity are placed in strength, the native is granted long-live, else, the longevity is proportionally reduced.
  • In my opinion, in this matter 8L should be given 50%, LL be given 30% weightage and 10L be given 20% weightage. But this needs to be verified in many horoscopes.
Long life (2): Quadrants are occupied by benefics and the Lagna lord combines with a benefic planet aspected by Jupiter.
  • Kendra gives sustenance power as Kendra = Vishnu
  • Benefics in the Kendra and strength of the Lagna lord and association of Jiva Karaka Jupiter (life-giver) has the ability to extend the life by a compartment.
  • Thus, if all the 3 life-keepers (LL, 8L and 10L) are weak, then this combination can give an extra compartment of life and extend the lifespan from short to middle.
Long life (3): 8th lord, the Lagna lord and the 10th lord combine with Saturn and occupy quadrants.
  • Here the principle of life keepers viz., LL, 8L and 10L is clearly mentioned. These lords should be placed in Kendra from their own house. They should also be endowed with positional strength i.e., exaltation, Mulatrikona, own sign, friendly sign etc. and aspect of benefic Grahas.
  • Saturn being the karaka for longevity should also be placed in the quadrant or the 8H or with the 8L. But I think Saturn should not join the other lords (or houses) i.e., Lagna, LL, 10L (I exclude 10H as Saturn attains strength there).
Death in the 21st year: Saturn is in the 12th house and the 8th lord is in the 2nd house with a benefic.
  • This is an illustration of Yoga-ayus where one should remember some 20–30 dictums that can cause death at a certain age. More will be covered about them in separate lessons on longevity and death.
  • Not much explanations have been found explaining reasons behind arriving at the mentioned age, hence it is a mystery.
  • 21st year = 12 + 9 i.e., 9th house. 9H counted from Saturn brings us to the 8H whose lord is situated in the 2H i.e. the Maraka Bhava.
  • The generalised principle “could be” count from Saturn to the 8H and add the numbers to the multiples of 12. The year so indicated can cause death provided the 8L is badly placed. This needs to be verified and I can’t vouch for its accuracy.
Death in the 2nd year: 8th lord is in the 5th house in conjunction with malefics, and the 10th lord is in the 2nd house aspected by malefics.
  • 8L in the 5H is 10H (i.e., Kendra) from its own house. Similarly 10L in the 6H is 5H from its own house.
  • In both cases they should be afflicted by malefics. As mentioned before 8L, Lagna lord and 10L are keeper of longevity. They affliction and weakness can cause death early.
  • The 2nd year could be derived from placement of 10L in the 2nd house with malefics. 2nd year = 2nd house.
Death due to asphyxiation: 2nd and 6th lords combine with Saturn and occupy the 3rd, 6th or 12th house.
  • In the forthcoming dictums some of the causes of death are mentioned. However, these are not exhaustive as there are numerous other ways to die. However, understanding these yogas one can extend these principles to other combinations.
  • 2H= Maraka, 6H= accidents, attack, murder, overpowering etc. Saturn= Vayu tattva, choking etc. Similarly the Airy signs should also be considered. 3H and 8H= indicate nature and circumstances of death. 6H, 12H= loss of life due to punishment (6H) or end of life’s journey (12H)
Attack by animals: Saturn as the 6th lord joins with Rahu or Ketu, death will be from the attack of beasts. If in the same combination, Jupiter has prominence, then danger arises from Elephants.
  • In all causes of death where some form of attacks or life-threatening diseases are involved, the 6H should come into picture. The influencing Graha, signs and houses can indicate other matters related to the attack or diseases.
  • Here, 6H= attack, Rahu/Ketu= beasts, serpents, Jupiter= Elephant. Similarly Mercury= horse, Sun=Lion, Moon=water creatures etc.
Death due to canine bites: Saturn joins the Sun and occupies or aspects the 8th house.
  • Sun influencing the karaka for 8H, Saturn and the 8H itself through placement or aspect indicate danger from Sun related causes.
  • Sun= dogs, cats, lions and other canines.
Death due to apparitions and spectre: Weak Moon occupying the 8th with Rahu joins malefics.
  • Influence on 8H indicate source or circumstances of death
  • Moon= mind, shock etc., Rahu= apparitions, ghost etc.
  • There is some form of fear, shock etc are involved due to Moon’s influence on the cause of death. Influence of other’s graha would indicate the cause and nature of the shock. Sun= royal punishment (execution), firearms etc.; Mars= spear and other weapons, burglary; Saturn= keeping in captivity, isolation, torture, lack of sleep, hunger etc.
Death due to weapons: 6th house is occupied by its lord and the 8th lord is with Rahu, and Saturn with Ketu aspected by mars.
  • 6L in 6H= fights; 8L with Rahu= deception, unnatural death
  • 8H Karaka Saturn aspected by Ketu, Mars. Ketu= mishap, accident; Mars= violence, weapons attack etc.
  • We observe that the cause and circumstances of death can be deciphered by influence on the 8H, 8L and Saturn.
  • Accidental or other unnatural ways of death involve 6H, Mars or Ketu, influencing 8H, 8L or Saturn.
Father is killed through the displeasure of the state (govt): Sun is in debilitation occupies the 6th or the 8th house aspected by a malefic.
  • This an important dictum which indicates that since 6H is the house of attack or punishment and 8H is for longevity, confluence of these 2 houses (or their lords) on other Karakas can indicate punishment or loss of life pertaining to those karakas.
  • Sun/ 9L = father; Sun’s debility = trouble to father; placement in 8H and afflicted = loss of life, mishap; placement in 6H under affliction= punishment.
  • In my opinion Sun is the karaka for father, associating it again with Royalty could be misleading. Hence in such cases we should see the influence of 10H/ 10L to indicate involvement of the ruler or govt. Else, it will mean that whenever Sun is afflicted, there will be trouble to father (Sun) from govt. (Sun).
Death due to sudden heart failure: Mercury is not well situated and occupies an unfavourable position.
  • Many people die with heart failure and it is one of the natural causes of death. However, that’s not the point the author is trying to make here, especially when Mercury is badly placed and associate with the 8H.
  • Under this combination, the native dies due to sudden heart-attack under stressful situation where he is not yet mentally prepared to leave the mortal plain. This is an unfortunate death as the soul can’t leave the world peacefully.
Native bequeaths vast legacies to his successor: 8th house is favourably situated with aspect of Mercury, Venus or Jupiter.
  • This means that at the time of death, the native is in his full consciousness and he is able to tie all the lose ends before leaving this mortal plane.
  • Influence of these benefics on the 8H indicate that the native will have premonition about death so that the complete all pending activities before leaving this world.
  • This is a great blessing as the native is mentally prepared to leave the world as there are no desires to tie him back.
  • Moon is excluded from the list of benefics here as Moon is highly malefic in the 8H as it attains Chandrastama and is the neecha sthana
Much debt without any redemption: Saturn occupies the 8th house and Mars aspects it with his special aspects.
  • Saturn in the 8H promote longevity.
  • 8H= loans, debts etc., 6H = troubles due to debts. Mars is the karaka of 6H indicating misery (attack, violence etc.) coming from the 6H.
  • When Mars influence that Saturn so placed in the 8H, the native under severe debts and may have to face litigations etc. if Mercury is also involved.
Death in a foreign country: 8th house falls in a movable sign and its lord is also placed in a movable sign.
  • Movable sign= foreign land, outside homeland or native place.
  • Multiple factors of death influenced by movable signs indicate death in foreign land.
  • The factors that need to be looked at are 8H, 8L, Navamsa position of 8L, Rāśi position of Navamsa dispositor of 8L.
Death in own house: 8th and its lord are in a fixed sign and Saturn is similarly placed.
  • Fixed sign= own land, own house etc.
Death while travelling: 8th house falls in a dual sign and its lord also occupies a dual sign.
  • Dual sign= traveling or in a place adjoining to the pace of birth.
Death in automobiles or airplanes: If Mars gets prominence and the combinations are placed as above.
  • Accidental deaths are always due to Mars or Ketu.
  • For automobiles, 4L or Venus should be involved.
  • Airplanes are indicated by Ketu.
Death due to Brain fever, anaemia, neuritis, paralysis: Mercury kills the native in balloons and airships. Brain fever, anaemia, neuritis and paralysis bring about death when Mercury is afflicted in the 8th house..
  • Mercury indicate the following cause of death
  • Balloons, airships, Brain-fever, anemia, neuritis, paralysis etc.
  • Nerves are ruled by Mercury, hence nervous disorders are indicated when Mercury is afflicted. If not other significations of Mercury can indicate death such as play, games, gymnastic etc.
Death due to Watery diseases, cholera, lung troubles: Moon causes death through Watery diseases, cholera and lung troubles.
  • Moon= water.
  • Watery diseases= troubles due to watery component in the body such as those due to phlegm i.e., water retention in lungs etc. Water born diseases are also indicated i.e., cholera etc.
Death due to Diabetes, dropsy, liver and spleen troubles, swelling of the body: Jupiter involved in the matters of death.
  • Jupiter= sweetness, glucose etc.
  • Jupiter= fat metabolism in the body. Lever and pancreas metabolised the fat through enzymes such as bilirubin and biliverdin.
  • Venus= metabolism of sugar in the body i.e., diabetes.
Death due to water, typhoid: Saturn involved in the matters of death.
  • Saturn= Afflicts water, hence cause of death can be through water.
  • Water-borne diseases are any illness caused by drinking water contaminated by human or animal faeces, which contain pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Some of the common water-borne diseases are Anaemia, Arsenicosis, Ascariasis, Botulism, Campylobacteriosis, Cholera, Cryptosporiodiosis, Cyanobacterial toxins, Dengue, Diarrhoea, Dracunculiasis, Fluorosis, Giardiasis, Hepatitis, Hookworm infection, Japanese encephalitis, Lead poisoning, Legionellosis, Leptospirosis, Lymphatic filariasis, Malaria, Malnutrition, Methaemoglobinemia, Onchocerciasis, Polio, Ring Worm or Tinea, Scabies, Schistomiasis, Trachoma, Trichuriasis, Typhoid
  • This includes Typhoid. The dictum tried to point out that diseases such as typhoid can cause death, but it shouldn’t be limited to typhoid only.
Death due to Fire, heart trouble, self-immolation: Sun involved in the matters of death.
  • The significations of Sun can cause death.
  • There will be some involvement of fire such as fire-arms, heart-troubles, self-immolation etc.

Some important yogas from Kundali Darpan by Satyavir Shastri

  1. Sa in uccha navamsa aspected by Ju, Sa-Ra in 12H, and Sa retrograde indicate short-life.
  2. Sa in Le Navamsa aspected by Ra, Mo in 4H and Su in 6H indicate short-life.
  3. LL and 8L exchange signs, both afflicted by malefics and Mo-Su-Sa in 8H indicates short-life.
  4. Me or Ju Lg conjoined with Sa, and 12L and 8L weak indicate short-life.
  5. 8L-Ma conjunction in the Lg, or 8L in a fixed sign in 8H or 12H indicate death in adolescence.
  6. 8L in debility, malefics in the 8H, and LL weak indicate short-life.
  7. Affliction to the 8H and 8L, 12H and 12L indicate the child dies immediately after birth.
  8. 8L in own house while Mo afflicted by malefics and devoid of benefic aspects indicate the child lives only for a month.
  9. Ar in the 8H or 8L in Ar Navamsa indicate the death is due to Pitta disorder, poison, high fever etc.
  10. 8H or 8L associated with Ta= Tridosha disorder
  11. 8H or 8L associated with Ge= Cough, asthma, colic
  12. 8H or 8L associated with Cn= Weak digestive fire, lack of interest in food
  13. 8H or 8L associated with Le= Weapons, poisons
  14. 8H or 8L associated with Vi= Diseases in the hidden parts (private parts, anus etc)
  15. 8H or 8L associated with Li= Sannipata (vitiation of tridosha)
  16. 8H or 8L associated with Sc= Jaundice (pilia), colitis (sangrahini)
  17. 8H or 8L associated with Sg= Weapons, poison, wood
  18. 8H or 8L associated with Cp= Vata disorder
  19. 8H or 8L associated with Aq= Respiratory syndrome, asthma
  20. 8H or 8L associated with Pi= Serpents, snakes, scorpions or other poisonous insects
  21. Su-node conjunction in 7H, Ve in 8H, and malefics in the Lg indicate death in a jail
  22. LL in a Kendra hemmed between malefics and 8H is conjoined with some Graha, then the death happens due to heart attack after a bout of anger.
  23. Sa in 5H Le, Ma in 8H, Mo in 9H, then the death happens due to fall from a tree, crushed in a falling building or through electric shock.
  24. Sa and Mo in the 8H hemmed between malefics or aspected by them, 8L in own sign hemmed between malefics or aspected by them, then the death happens in a sea.
  25. Ma in 4H and Sa in 7H afflicted by malefics and both 10H and 8H conjoined with some Graha indicate death due to royal punishment or weapons.
  26. Su-Mo in 8H in Vi indicates death due to poisoning.
  27. Su-Ma in 4H, Sa in 10H, and 8H afflicted by malefics indicate death due to hanging.
  28. Mo or Ma in 8H aspected by Ra then both the child and mother dies in childhood.
  29. 8H Sa aspected by weak Mo (weak paksha bala) and exalted Ma, then the death happens due to surgery of fistula, cancer etc.
  30. LL or 8L afflicted by malefics and placed in 6H indicate death in some fights or litigations.
  31. Ma or Sa in 6H, and LL in the 8H aspected by Su or Ra indicate death due to consumption.
  32. LL in watery sign or Navamsa and aspected by Mo or Ve indicate that the native’s dead body is not burnt in the ritualistic pyre.
  33. LL in the Navamsa of 8L or combust indicates that the native is not surrounded by his near and dear ones at the moment of death.
  34. Malefics in the Lg and 8L in the 7H indicate death while traveling.
  35. 8H in malefic Drekkana, then the dead body is burnt in ritualistic pyre. Water Drekkana indicate throwing the body in flowing water. In the Drekkana of Shubha Graha conjoined with malefic indicate that the body neither is burnt nor thrown in water; it is eaten away by insects and the like.
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